Easy Ways to Give Your Wedding a Vintage Feel

Easy Ways to Give Your Wedding a Vintage Feel

In the past few years, vintage-inspired weddings have been very popular for couples everywhere. For many people, there’s something romantic about taking inspiration from the past. They would rather have lace doilies and a wedding buffet than hashtags and a DJ. If you’re considering a vintage wedding, you might be wondering where you should start. There’s a lot to plan, and you’re not sure just how vintage you want to go. Try using some of tips to get started on your planning and come up with a more concrete idea of what you want to do.

Find Inspiration

The first thing you can do is start looking for inspiration, both from history and modern vintage weddings. You might want to focus on a particular period or just try to give your wedding a general vintage feel. Look at photos of weddings from the past and take note of what the brides wore and what the venues were like. You can also read about how people would have celebrated. Keep in mind that most people would have had a very simple wedding only a few decades ago. You don’t have to stay that small and conservative if you don’t want to. You can take some of the elements you like and incorporate them into a more elaborate event.

Focus on Decorations

One of the easiest ways to get a vintage feel into your wedding is to do it with all your decorative elements. These can range from your vintage style wedding invitations to the lights you hang in the venue. Sometimes the appeal of a vintage wedding is that you can use cheap but useful ideas. For example, you might hang colorful bunting or put up some fairy lights. It shouldn’t cost you a lot of money, but it can have a lovely effect. You could incorporate a vintage feel into your crockery, tablecloths, and even the flowers.

Bring Vintage Ideas Up to Date

Many couples want to take inspiration from the past, but they don’t necessarily want to replicate it exactly. You might wish to have a wedding dress inspired by one from the 1950s, without actually buying one from the period or a replica of one. There are often elements from the past that you will want to keep, while avoiding others. Look at how other people have brought vintages ideas into modern weddings. Lots of other people have done it successfully without everything looking old and frumpy.

Create a Vintage Atmosphere

Think about how every choice you make can affect the environment. You can make choices that give the whole wedding an overall vintage feel. Everything can make a difference, from your outfits to the music and food. You might choose to hire a singer to perform old tunes or to have the wedding party in vintage-inspired clothes. You could even get the guests to dress up in outfits from a particular period.

There are lots of ways you can make your wedding a vintage extravaganza. Start by doing some research and you’ll soon be full of ideas.

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