Why Do Women Want Fairytale Weddings?

January 30, 2019 0

A question for all of us: If even Serena Williams, who is an embodiment of a strong, independent, powerful woman, succumbed to the unexpected urge to have a fairy-tale wedding with the ball gown and […]

Wedding Traditions You Don’t Need to Follow

March 9, 2018 0

Wedding traditions have changed over the years, and this is a good thing. We published an article last year on 14th Century weddings (https://bridesmaidsconfession.com) for example, where traditional rules such as being allowed to marry […]

Extraordinary Wedding Venues

September 12, 2016 0

Choosing the perfect wedding venue is one of the most important parts of wedding planning. While some couples prefer elegant and traditional places, others opt for a bit more unusual locations. Whether you’re the couple […]

Planning a Kick-Ass Engagement Party

October 21, 2015 0

So he liked it so much that he put a ring on it. Congratulations! Before the wedding planning storm arrives, it is time to enjoy your engagement! Celebrate in style with your friends and family […]

Easy Ways to Give Your Wedding a Vintage Feel

October 16, 2015 0

In the past few years, vintage-inspired weddings have been very popular for couples everywhere. For many people, there’s something romantic about taking inspiration from the past. They would rather have lace doilies and a wedding […]

Percentage of Married Couples at All-Time Low

December 17, 2011 0

Pew Research Center is reporting the number of married couples has fallen to a record low as more people choose to live together while holding off on the formality and permanency of tying the knot. […]