Fabric Technology and the ‘Smart’ Jacket

Fabric Technology and the ‘Smart’ Jacket

ThermalTech is the new big thing in fashion. It is a material that harvests the energy of the sun to retain heat, and has created a link between fashion, technology, and eco-friendliness. This ingenious new fabric is constructed with stainless steel yarn, and it gathers both artificial and natural lights, resulting in a material that is lightweight and cozy.

ThermalTech deviates from the traditional jacket, as it does not recycle body heat in order to provide warmth. Instead, ThermalTech “smart” jackets absorb energy from indoor and outdoor light, generating up to 18 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the outside temperature.

“We believe that by introducing this solar-absorbing fabric into the apparel marketplace, the next generation of outerwear will provide the consumer with even more of an optimal temperature and fit,” said Carlos Cortes, CEO of ThermalTech. “This will allow everyone from the snowboarder to the fashionista to be warmer in colder climates.”

ThermalTech jackets are also water-repellent, perfect for snowboarding, skiing, or hiking. The company is currently offering the jacket in three different styles in six colors for both women and men featuring the new material. Consumers who order the jacket now will receive a 50 percent-off discount off the $139 Street Jacket, ideal for when outside temperatures are ranging anywhere from 32 to 50 degrees.

The three collections include The Outdoor Collection: described as the perfect way to get out and enjoy the beauty of nature and stay warm while you’re camping or hiking. The Extreme Collection: geared towards an even colder setting like snowboarding or skiing. The Fashion Collection: as the name hints, it aims to keep you looking good while moving around town, with a slimmer profile designed to maintain your body warmth and keep down on bulk.

ThermalTech co-founder, Fatima Rocha, says she is more than excited to bring this technology to market in hopes that it will allow customers to stay warm and fashionable. It’s time to say goodbye to bulky puffer jackets and hello to the sleek, self-warming fabric of the future.

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