Jewelry That Will Literally Save Your Life

Jewelry That Will Literally Save Your Life

Walking around alone in the middle of the night can be quite frightening, especially for women. It doesn’t matter if you’re walking home from a night out or backpacking in an unfamiliar country. To make you feel more at ease, here is a list of wearables in fashion that will make you feel like someone is with you the entire time.


Artemis is a smart necklace that is available in three designs. Whenever you sense danger, just tap the device three times to activate it. Once activated, Artemis will then begin recording audio and call your emergency contacts to let them know of your location. If activated by accident, Artemis can be turned off via your smartphone. “[Artemis is] a fashionable first line defense, fighting crime one necklace at a time,” writes ABC News.


Safelet is a fashionable, yet functional bracelet that notifies your contacts about where you are at any given moment. To activate the Safelet, just click the button located on the side. The bracelet is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth and is equipped with a microphone so the attack can be audio recorded and used as evidence. The Safelet is available in three colors and retails for $129 per bracelet.


Stiletto is possibly one of the chicest pieces of smart jewelry available. Measuring at just 1” by 1,” this stainless steel, gemstone encrusted charm is capable of transforming virtually any fashion accessory you choose to wear into the most advanced personal security wearable ever made. Stiletto is embedded with a microphone, vibration motor, and alert speaker. It’s also water resistant, so no matter what, you’re protected. “…this is one piece of technology – and jewelry – that could be a necessity rather than a luxury,” writes Cosmopolitan UK.


Cuff is a beautifully designed device that fits onto various accessories. Cuff vibrates whenever you receive a phone call, even when your purse isn’t close by. And when it comes to feeling safe, Cuff notifies your friends and family whenever you feel uneasy with the click of a button.

Charm Alarm

Charm Alarm keeps your personal belongings safe and protected. The system includes a smart card and a piece of jewelry. Just place the smart card in your wallet or bag – if for some reason it suddenly begins to move away from you, the smart card activates a loud alarm so not only you, but the thief, know that your bag is on the run.

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