Get Your Style Right this Summer with Pearl Jewelry

pearl necklace

Summer is now firmly upon us and it’s important to turn your consideration to your wardrobe for the hot summer months. This summer is all about understated elegance and so far as accessories are concerned, you simply cannot look beyond pearl jewelry.

There are few other types of jewelry that are as universally adored as pearls and their popularity will certainly be by no means limited to this summer period but if you’re looking to score some serious style points over the next few months, then pearl earrings, necklaces and bracelets will definitely help you achieve this!

Let’s get started by looking at a couple of popular styles of pearl jewelry to keep your eyes out for this summer…


Akoya Pearls


If you’re looking for a stylish and understated look with your jewellery this summer period, Akoya pearls will definitely tick all of the right boxes. Typically heralding from the shores of Japan, Akoya pearls have been immensely popular since they first started to be worn around the 1920s. Regardless of what sort of outfits you find yourself donning this summer, whether they be formal or casual, Akoya pearl jewelry will certainly serve as the perfect accompaniment.

GOLD PEARLS:gold pearls


With the Olympic Games to be played out over the summer, there is no more fitting jewelry to consider than that of Gold pearls. This stunning accessory often comes as a surprise to many dedicated followers of fashion as most are unaware that pearls are available in such a striking color! Gold pearls are, without question, one of the most breath-taking and stylish on the market and will be the perfect choice for matching with outfits this summer. Most gold pearls typically originate in Indonesia and the Philippines and are cultivated within the gold-lipped saltwater oyster. A simply stunning choice of accessory and one that suits any occasion.

All images courtesy of Winterson Pearl Jewellery.

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