Fat Reduction and Your Body: Know the Basics

Fat Reduction and Your Body

There are so many diet and exercise techniques, tips and tricks that are aimed at helping people to lose weight. Although many of these will offer expensive or newly discovered super substances that ‘help’ you lose weight, understand the basics of fat reduction before you lighten your wallet.

Surprisingly, many of us don’t think so much about the processes your body is undergoing when you shred kilos. Does the fat really get burnt off into energy or converted to muscle? NO! So where does it go? Read below to discover the basics of fat reduction and what you can do to achieve this yourself.

Believe it or not, exhaling is how the body predominantly rids the body of fat. In a somewhat complicated but fascinating process, your fat cells store a compound called triglycerides. When you metabolize those, your body expels the carbon that makes up part of them. Oxidation therefore breaks down the triglyceride atoms which is over 80% of your fat loss. However, although through the process of respiration fat exits the body, it doesn’t mean breathing quickly all day will burn enough calories to sustain noticeable weight loss. In fact, doing so can cause hyperventilation and dizziness, because you’re exceeding what your metabolic rate requires. Therefore, we turn to calorie deficit and metabolic conditioning in order to encourage the weight loss process.

Consuming less calories will mean that what is stored in the fat cells is called upon for energy. So smaller portions of a healthy mix of proteins, goods fats and vegetables will fuel your body without contributing to fat gain, or maintenance.

Performing exercise that increases the heart rate and therefore rate of expiration will also speed up the fat loss process. Knowing that you exhale your fat when it leaves the body, means that when you increase the efficiency of your respiratory system the more efficient your body can be at shedding kilos. Over time, with the right work out and combinations of exercises and intensities, you will improve your metabolic process so even at rest, you can be processing (burning) fat more effectively. This is why a combination of resistance and cardio work is ideal.

So having even an elementary understanding of this process can assist you to take charge of your fat reduction. In addition to converting, then exhaling what is in your fat cells, you may wish to consider having fat cells in certain areas of the body removed altogether. This process can be medically undertaken via the commonly known procedure of liposuction. As a result, triglycerides can’t be stored in certain fat cells because they have been suctioned out of the body. The cost of liposuction by a reputable professional is well worth the investment if you continue to care for your body and health as it is a long-term method of fat removal. Liposuction is also suitable to shift weight from targeted areas of the body that are resistant to fat reduction despite a calorie deficit and exercise.

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