Forget Dancing – Nature is Your Remedy

Forget Dancing - Nature is Your Remedy

When it comes to our health, we know that in most cases it is a natural remedy which will fix anything wrong with us. A little honey to soothe a sore throat, dockleaves pressed on nettle stings to relieve the itch and bicarbonate of soda to banish ulcers – but what else are we missing out on?

Let Your Hands Work Their Magic

Our hands serve us well, and as such we should be taking really good care of them. Don’t wait for something to go wrong with them to fix it, but prevent the problem before it has a chance of occurring; these things are too precious to lose, if only temporarily. Adding a pinch of turmeric to any meals that you are cooking throughout the day can help with a general health-boost, but especially with any inflammation that may be occurring around the hands due to dermatitis or psoriasis. Typing, phone-usage and general day-to-day activities involving technology and your hands can give you an increased risk of Repetitive Strain Injury; if this is already the case, copper gloves can help ease the condition massively. The combination of compression and copper ions bound into the fabric are a great way to get rid of the uncomfortable achy feeling that RSI gives, and get you straight on the road to recovery.

Spice it Up, Baby

Do you know what herbs and spices are useful in improving general health, and specifically what else they can be good for? You don’t just have to add them into your meals for flavour; consider the health benefits too. Cayenne pepper is a brilliant remedy for a headache (it involves putting it up the nose, so stick with the powdered form rather than actual peppers…), turmeric has too many perks to it to list so you’re best off just adding it to everything without question, and sage is brilliant for soothing sore throats. It has even been proven in countries where spices and herbs are abundant in cooking, such as India, that the use of such superfoods has decreased chances of developing most heart-related illnesses.

Some Juicy Gossip For You

Juice diets have been around for decades, and there doesn’t seem to be any sign of this craze slowing down. It’s not just the typical juices that you can get in your supermarket that are proven to have health benefits (in fact, if you drink too much of these you could actually be increasing your chance of diabetes) but juices including vegetables and roots (for example, ginger) rather than sticking with the traditional fruits. Beetroot is good for cleansing, spinach and kale are amazing energisers and the aforementioned ginger gives it that pop and improves circulation. Who knew that there was so much to learn? If you are indulging in a freshly-made smoothie of a morning, swap some of your fruits for vegetables and see how you go; you can still include fruit juice to sweeten it up and make it bearable to drink – nobody would deny you of it and  be that mean….

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