Get Your Business Up and Running in Thailand with a Serviced Office

Get Your Business Up and Running in Thailand with a Serviced Office

The fearless entrepreneur knows that, sometimes, you can’t afford to wait until the time feels right. Like buying your first house or starting a family, it’s often a choice between launching now or not at all. It is not to say that you shouldn’t prepare, but the point is that market conditions won’t ever be as perfect as you’d like.

It is one of the reasons why so many small businesses are making the decision to start out in Asia. This part of the world is growing at a rapid pace, but there are fewer state restrictions and a lot less pressure from the economy. The markets in countries like Thailand are still very young, so there is plenty of space and opportunity for everybody.

Plus, if you launch from an executive suite, or “serviced office,” many of the risks associated with starting a business can be mitigated. Keep reading to learn more.

Get a Corporate Address

Often, it can take time for a business to build up the capital needed for a preferred spot. This might be an address right in the center of town, for instance, or an office close to transport links. With serviced offices, the wait can be shrunk or eliminated entirely, because there’s a lot more control over the terms and rates.

This makes it easier to afford a high-end address. It’s just a matter of distributing your expenses in a way which suits. Serviced vendors are committed to helping their tenants do this, by running many of their facilities on a ‘pay as you use’ basis. The tenants retain the right to edit, drop, or add resources at any time.

Enjoy ‘In-House’ Support

Check out Servcorp’s Serviced Offices, Bangkok, for details on some of the finest serviced facilities in the capital. Don’t forget that they provide more than just comfortable workspaces. The best vendors offer a range of resources, from web development to secretaries, mailboxes, marketing advice, and more.

There is always a fully qualified IT support team onsite to help you with any tech or communications problems. It can end up being an invaluable asset, as even a short amount of time offline has the potential to lead to lost profits. So, if your ideas are superb, but you’re a bit of a technophobe, consider the benefits of having easy access to tech experts.

All of the Details are Taken Care of!

Perhaps the best thing about serviced offices is that you can get started right away. For those moving into the Thai market, they’re an opportunity to create instant profitability. The heating, lighting, cleaning, and other utilities are offered as a “ready to go” package. It means that you don’t have to sort any of it out yourself before you move in.

What’s more, the price of all basic utilities (including high-speed broadband) is included in the monthly rental fee. So, managing your expenses should be a walk in the park. Rather than paying out cash to two, three, or more vendors, you’re paying a single scheduled sum every month. If anything breaks down or proves unsatisfactory, the facility team is on hand to fix it.

How to Find a Superb Serviced Office in Bangkok

The flexible nature of serviced office solutions means that you can probably afford to look at more upmarket addresses. You’ll find the best facilities in the center of the city, close to retail and financial districts. This is where you should be searching because customers and investors associate such regions with success, reliability, and brand strength. Not only that, but a central spot makes it easier for your employees to get into the office on time too.

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