How to Choose the Right Style for Your Bathroom to Make Your Home Feel Beautiful

How to Choose the Right Style for Your Bathroom to Make Your Home Feel Beautiful

A beautiful bathroom can change the feeling of an entire house. But, how do you know what style will work best for you home? Do you want something and eclectic? Or are you looking for something chic and modern? Would a classic design fit with your home style? With so many options, it can be overwhelming to choose the bath that will truly make your home feel beautiful.

There are several different design styles that can differentiate bathrooms. You do not have to fit your bathroom style to your home. Instead, you should choose a style that will make you happy.

Farmhouse style

The farmhouse style is incredibly popular. It includes textures like reclaimed wood cabinetry, shiplap on the walls, and light fixtures reminiscent of old barns. With fluffy towels and minimal style, this type of bathroom can fit in most styles of homes.

Traditional or classic design

You can’t go wrong with a classic bathroom filled with natural wood and traditional tiles. The fixtures should be decorative in favorite metals. The traditional or classic design doesn’t have to be stuffy but should have an elegant look to it. Finding a 60 inch bathroom vanity will add a luxurious style to the traditional bathroom.

Sleek and modern style

The opposite style to the classic or traditional bath is the sleek and modern style. If you love clean lines, chrome, mirrors, and stark glass, then modern is for you. The modern design avoids clutter and can use simple single color schemes, like all white. Or, you could go for something bold in bright red, especially when paired with chrome and plastic. No need for window coverings in a modern bath.

Warm, beachy design

If you like the idea of a beautiful white bathroom, but you want warmth in the design, look no farther than a beachy bath. Consider a countertop that resembles beach glass or accessories like remind you of the sea. Bamboo window shades can also add a beachy look to a bathroom. It is easy to overdo the beach look, so be cautious when you choose accessories.

Anything goes with the eclectic design

On the other end of the spectrum is the eclectic bathroom where anything goes. This is a bathroom that showcases your personality and imagination. In this style of bathroom, you get to fill it with items you find in flea markets and place them where they are least expected. You can paint your walls any colour you like and use tiles that make you smile. Even your textiles can be mixed up, like pairing animal prints with tiny florals.

Serenity in an Asian bathroom

If calmness and serenity are what you are looking for in a bathroom, check out Asian design. This is different from modern design as the idea is to use natural elements with ambient lighting. Consider a large soaking tub, stone tiles, and wood on the floor. With horizontal lines and bowl sinks, you’ll never want to leave your Asian bathroom.

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