Are Bidets More Hygienic Than Toilet Paper?

Are Bidets More Hygienic Than Toilet Paper

bidetThere’s been a lot of hype surrounding bidets nowadays and for good reason. This eighteenth-century marvel of technology is starting to catch on in the western world. It’s already a staple of some middle-eastern and Asian households. They’re used by both men and women, but women will find that it has more than enough benefits to warrant getting one.

1. Hemorrhoid relief

Hemorrhoids are just one of the many side effects of being pregnant. Increased blood pressure due to the stress of the baby inside causes veins to swell up and protrude outside. They can get inflamed, cause lots of pain when going to the bathroom, and even burst. All in all, hemorrhoids are a pain in the hindquarters. Using toilet paper presents another hurdle when you have this affliction. The abrasive paper doesn’t mesh well with the sensitive blood vessels. Tearing is common and bleeding is a possibility.

A gentle stream of water sounds like a much better alternative. The bidet provides a much simpler way to clean yourself when hemorrhoids act up. The lukewarm water will not only clean you up properly, but it will also soother your hemorrhoids, providing relief from the pain.

2. Taking care of your period

It’s that time of the month again, and that can spell trouble for your intimate hygiene. Period blood is unpredictable and you can find yourself in what is seemingly a crime scene every couple of hours. Showering that often isn’t an option, especially during the winter. Not washing the blood off will leave you feeling uncomfortable all day. Is there a middle ground to this?

Luckily, the bidet has you covered. When changing your pads or tampons, you can simply adjust the bidet towards your privates, and let the gentle stream of water clean you. A lot more convenient than taking a shower, but just as effective.

3. Getting rid of itches

Jock Itch, as it’s known, is a common groin ailment of both men and women. It’s spread by a fungus called Tinea Cruris, which usually spreads through skin to skin contact. The periodic itching it’s named after is pretty annoying. Rashes are also present on occasion, and they present an aesthetic problem that might lead to embarrassment.

The good news is, there are ways to mitigate the effects of jock itch. Antifungal creams are recommended, but they aren’t effective if you don’t practice proper hygiene. Using your bidet, you can clean your privates more often without having to hop in the shower. The way this affects the fungal infection is two-fold. Not only does it wash off the fungus and soothe the irritated skin, but it also washes away the sweat which feeds the fungus and allows it to grow.

The Best Psoriasis Winter Skin Care Routine4. Skin care

Toilet paper isn’t the most comfortable tool for hygiene. Even top-shelf stuff is a bit too abrasive for rubbing on skin. Not to mention the sensitive areas it’s actually used for. Anyone that has any skin condition will also find toilet paper unusable. If you are looking for a gentle alternative, you can look no further than the common bidet. Water will help you save your skin and prevent any kind of irritation. Temperature isn’t an issue, either. If you get yourself a smart toilet, you can tailor it to your specific needs, both temperature and angle wise.

Wiping isn’t just uncomfortable, it’s also pretty ineffective when you think about it. Not only are you harming your skin, but you’re also not really cleaning anything in that general area. Staying unclean can lead to skin irritation and even infection if you aren’t careful.

5. Think of the environment

When talking about the positive effects of bidets, we have to mention the environmental impact as well. In today’s world, going green has become a staple of modernization. The world is moving forward in many areas and people are quick to remind you of your carbon impact. There’s just one part that’s lagging behind: toilet paper. It goes without saying, to make paper you have to cut down trees. But how many trees are we talking about? Unfortunately, the numbers are in the tens of millions a year.

Bidets are considered an eco-friendly solution. They use water, but so does the flushing process. It’s also way less water than you might think. Let’s not forget the water saved from not showering as often as you might if you didn’t have a bidet. All things considered, bidets help us save the trees.


Sarah Jessica SmithIt’s a mystery how the whole world hasn’t switched to using bidets, considering the many benefits they provide. Especially for the fortunate women that have them. Luckily, people are starting to catch on, and this ancient French bathroom fixture is the next hot trend in bathroom hygiene.

About the Author: Sarah Jessica Smith is a young blogger from Sydney. She is in love with life and all the things that can make her daily routine easier. She loves to write about home improvement, lifestyle, and all the small things that make life such a great adventure.

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