Why Are Women Vaping Vitamins These Days?

Why Are Women Vaping Vitamins These Days?

There’s a pretty fair chance that you’ve heard about vaping by now. These e-cigarettes were first introduced as a way to help traditional smokers quit and wean themselves off of an addiction to nicotine. Then, it crashed down on the public in a wave of popularity. Soon people’s parents were vaping, grandparents, neighbors, you name it. Now, vaping has been taken to new heights with companies releasing vaping devices specifically made for inhaling liquids containing vitamins. Particularly one vitamin has been taking the spotlight with this new vaping hype and it is the Vitamin B12.

sources of B12 vitaminsCompanies like Breathe and VitaminVape have come out with products that look very similar to a popular pod device, except their devices contain Vitamin B 12 in their liquids, compared to a normal e-juice like gorilla warfare ejuice which contains no added vitamins. Breathe claims that people experience “immediate absorption” of the B12 vitamin by inhaling it and this method claims to be much more effective than taking pills or sublingual administration. This product may look very similar to a normal vape pen, however there is no Nicotine, Diacetyl, Tobacco, or Propylene Glycol like there is in e-liquids designed for pod use.

So this raises a fair question of what exactly is Vitamin B12 and what does it do for the human body? Well, the biggest selling point for B12 is that it gives you a feeling of having more energy. It has also been said to stimulate nerves and play a key role in healthy nerve function. VitaminVape also states that “B12 plays a key role in cell health and DNA creation.” Plenty of people have actually tried different methods of receiving B12 like getting it in the form of a shot, but VitaminVape shut those down by stating that just one vaporizer contains 10 times the amount of Vitamin B12 that a shot has. Vitamin B may also prevent against Anemia, reduce Birth Defects, prevent Osteoporosis, and even improve your mood and signs of Depression.

It is no wonder that women have done their research on these vaporizers and have started to vape their vitamins. B12 is of course designed for everyone, but some of it’s benefits seem to be more beneficial for women than man, seeing that 20 percent of women in the States suffer from Anemia compared to 2 percent of men. And vaping your vitamins seems like a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than waiting at the doctor’s office to receive a shot with one tenth of the benefits.

The vaporizers come available in pack of 3, 6, or 9 on the Breathe website for $45, $80, or $100. VitaminVape also has package kits available like 1 pen for $15, 3 for $39, and 10 for $110. These pods are designed for a one time use, so getting them in bulk may not be a bad idea. So if you or someone you know is already taking B12 shots or just wants to boost their vitamin intake, maybe it’s time to think about vaping vitamins instead.

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