How to Make the Most Out of your Travel Memories

How to Make the Most Out of your Travel Memories

Whether you do it on your own, with your significant other, family, or friends, traveling is an epic experience, especially if you visit a new place. With this, you have to preserve your travel memories, such as through the ways that will be mentioned in the rest of this post. Pictures from a recent vacation would even make nice options for Shutterfly’s personalized gifts. Every time you look at these travel memories, you will feel nostalgic and be reminded of the fun you once had.

Canvas Prints

Using Shutterfly’s canvas prints is perhaps one of the best ways to make the travel memories stay with you forever. These prints can be used as décor on the walls or tabletops. You can choose a single photo, and have it printed on a huge canvas or you can also opt to use several small frames to come up with your own gallery wall. Canvas has a unique texture that will add beauty to the photos that are printed on it.

Ref Magnets

This is another quintessential way to preserve travel memories. In different destinations, you can purchase a ref magnet that spells out the name of the city or the country. In some cases, they even come with pictures taken in popular landmarks. If you have a large fridge, these magnets will be great. They are also functional as they can hold papers, such as bills so that they won’t be overlooked.


If you have lots of pictures and memories that you would like to preserve, this is an excellent choice. Making a travel scrapbook is actually easy as you can see in this video from the Martha Stewart website. Start with a blank scrapbook, the thickness of which will depend on how many pictures you would like to include. You can use washi tapes when attaching the photos on the pages, which will be great for added appeal. To make it less boring, jot down notes regarding the story of each photo.

Travel Pin Map

Simply put, this is a large map placed on the wall with photos that are pinned in specific locations. The map can be local, regional, or global, depending on the places that you have visited. It will be good if the photos have been taken using a Polaroid or Instax. Leave a small note at the bottom of each photo.


You might also want to consider preserving your memories in the form of a video. If you have an artistic side, this is an excellent way to be always reminded of your vacation memories. These videos can be uploaded on your social media accounts so that they can be accessed anytime. You should also save them in a USB file and play it whenever you have guests coming over who are asking regarding your travel whereabouts.

Do not let your travel memories fade as soon as you go back home. Make them last forever through the means that have been mentioned above!

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