How to Throw A House Party

How to Throw A House Party

Throwing a party can be a great solution if you’re finding that your social life is a bit lacking; often it’s hard to tie people down to plans but by giving them a cost-free, easy option it’s more likely that they’ll want to take part. However, hosting a party in your own home can be a recipe for disaster if you don’t follow a few essential steps. Here, we run through what you need to do in order to make sure your home does not become victim to your guests.


One of the most important things to do before your party is walk around your home looking for anything valuable or sentimental. Once your guests have had a few drinks they will become very clumsy and you don’t want them to notice any of your more precious belongings. It is also important to cover any soft furnishings that could be ruined by spillages. If the weather is nice, try to keep the guests outside to avoid this kind of damage. To save money, you could ask people to bring their own drinks, that way everyone will have something they like too, but remember to provide plastic cups. You will need to provide food however, but keep it simple to avoid stress and because a lot of it is likely to be left behind once people start having a good time. It’s always a good idea to have plenty of carbohydrate-based foods too as they are great for soaking up alcohol if anyone takes it a bit too far. Another good idea when it comes to preparing for a house party is creating and hanging signs to direct people to the toilets.

Look After People

As much as you will want to relax and enjoy your own party, it is always best to keep one eye on everyone else or you might miss the opportunity to stop some potential damage being caused. For example, if you can tell that someone has had a lot to drink and they’re starting to look peaky, rather than ignoring them which could result in them being sick somewhere you don’t want them to be, sit them down and get them a glass of water and something to eat. Pay attention to people’s overall mood too so that you can make any adjustments needed to ensure that the party spirit stays intact. You might need a change of music or maybe an activity to bring everyone together.

dinner partyEntertainment

It’s crucial that you have the right technology to support your party, so take a look at AV Installers. You’ll need a decent sound system with strong speakers so that you can play music and create a party vibe, and you could also play music videos to add another dimension to keep people entertained.

By following these steps, you can ensure that you throw a party for everyone to enjoy, including yourself. Prepare your home thoroughly by removing any valuables, and make sure there is plenty of food and drink available. Make sure you have a good quality audio visual system set up for entertainment, and always keep one eye out for guests who could be on the verge of causing some trouble. For more tips on how to improve your social life, take a look at this article on

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