Why Washington DC Should be on Your Business Travel Radar

Why Washington DC Should be on Your Business Travel Radar

Washington DC should be on your business travel radar. Not only is it a hub for business, with a claim to the nation’s strongest local economy, but it has great attractions that represent the foundation of America. The exhibits, structures, and monuments will motivate your team to achieve important business goals, and the political themes will give your leaders courage to make bold speeches. To begin your adventure in DC, you’ll need a plan. Create one by using this convenient travel guide.

Modes of Transportation

The process of traveling around DC with your team is never a hassle because many public transportation options are available. When the team needs to travel somewhere that’s a few miles away, everyone can get there by bus. The buses in DC have convenient routes and schedules, and they commute throughout the entire region 24/7. Trains also run around DC; they’re ideal for long-distance travel situations.

If you want to network more efficiently with your group on the road, consider renting a car. A rental car will give you opportunities to see all of the sites in Washington before or after meetings based on your schedule. You can acquire a vehicle from Budget Car Rental or Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

Hotels Near Downtown Washington DC

In order to reduce your commuting costs and generally have a convenient time in DC, you’ll want to stay at a hotel in the downtown area. The Grand Hyatt Washington is in a prime destination in the center of DC, so it’s a great place for traveling businesspeople. The building is very close to the Metro Center train station, which can take you to various landmarks and meeting spots in DC.

If you stay at the W hotel, you’ll have easy access to multiple attractions. The highlight feature at this hotel is the gorgeous hotel lounge. It’s a stimulating and lively setting to discuss important ideas while admiring the surroundings in DC. Other hotels near Downtown Washington DC are worth considering, such as the Sofitel, Hyatt Regency, and the Westin.


Many people put Washington DC on their radar every year in order to attend the annual FilmFest. Over a thousand films are featured at this event, so it’s a great attraction for anyone who enjoys educational flicks and films. Filmmaking is big business, so it’s also a prime networking event for anyone even tangentially related to the industry. DC also hosts annual events that can help an average business executive unwind after a long day. Some of the top options include”

  • Picnic in the Park
  • Johnnyswim
  • Fight Night

A Great Hangout Spot for Businessmen in Washington DC

During a business trip, time is very valuable, so you’ll benefit from planning meetings and enjoying meals in one convenient location. The Union Market is a great hangout spot for these situations. There are more than 40 vendors scattered throughout this market, so you can shop, buy food, and unwind without making stops all over the city.

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