How Women’s Dresses Need to Match Form to Function

Women’s dresses are a fabulous choice of dress for all women. Ladies can look absolutely stunning when wearing a dress that perfectly complements her unique sense of style. However, not every dress is going to work well when worn by different women. It is important to consider your specific body style before heading out to the mall or stand-alone department store, or turning on the computer to shop for women’s dresses.

Here is a list of some common styles of women’s dresses. The recommended body type and reasons for that recommendation will be listed with each dress.

Baby doll dresses – These cute, casual dresses are a popular style with younger ladies. Short or cap sleeves are common characteristics of baby doll dresses. The nice thing about these women’s dresses is the fact they complement virtually every distinct body style. Apple figures look great in this style of dress with a flowing skirt. The hem should fall right below the knee. Hour glass figures can get away with a shorter hemline. It is recommended for this body type that the waistline hits right at the natural waist. Ruler figures do not need as strict a waist and hemline.

Column or sheath dresses – These form fitting women’s dresses usually come in one color or pattern and typically come to the thighs or knees. Women with hour glass figures look absolutely fabulous in these dresses since all of the features of that body type are highlighted in a beautiful manner. Column or sheath dresses can also work with pear shaped figures if the top and bottom of the body are balanced well by adding something to the top, such as a wrap.

Empire dresses – This type of dress has an empire waist line and flows all the way down to the ankles or floor. The flow is close to the body. Women with pear and ruler shaped figures will benefit from wearing empire dresses.

Maxi dresses – These comfortable, feminine dresses have an empire waistline and a long flow like the empire dresses. Therefore, the ruler figure looks best in maxi women’s dresses. Ladies that are apple and pear shaped can wear this style as well, but they should probably make sure the dress also flows outward.

Shift dresses – These types of women’s dresses are also called trapeze dresses.  Shifts usually fit tight across the shoulders, then fall down to the hem. The fact that the fabric flows in this style of dress makes it a perfect option for apple figured women. Pear shaped women look good in this style as well. It is recommended that both body types are well served finding shifts with the hem at the knee.

Suit dresses – Perfect for work, weddings and other occasions when a touch of formality is good, suit dresses have matching jackets. This is another style of women’s dresses that can be worn by all body types with apple figures gaining the most benefit. The jacket is the critical element that changes from figure to figure.

Wrap dresses – These women’s dresses wrap around the body and are tied off at the side. A key characteristic is the V at the neck. Another great dress for all body types, apple and pear shaped figures need an empire waist line to minimize the butt and hips, hour glass figures need a wrap dress with a natural waist line, and ruler shaped women will want to look for wrap dresses that emphasize details at the top.

There are women’s dresses to fit any shape of woman. This is a great way to dress in a beautiful and engaging manner!

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