Important Things to Remember About Prescription Medication

Important Things to Remember About Prescription Medication

There are lots of reasons you might be given a prescription medication. It might a something short-term or it could be something that you have to take for the rest of your life. Whatever the reason for your prescription, the aim is to help you be healthier. There are some important things you should remember if you want your medication to be effective and if you want to make sure that you’re taking it safely too. Prescription medications aren’t available to just anyone, and for good reasons. You need to be careful with the medication you’re prescribed for your health, as well as the safety of others.

When to See a DoctorFollow Your Doctor’s Advice and Instructions

The first thing you should do is follow the instructions that your doctor or pharmacist gives you. If there’s a leaflet, label or insert that comes with your medication, make sure you read it. For example, you might have to follow a certain dosage or take your medication at certain times. If you have a course of medication, make sure you know if you should finish all of it or stop taking it when you feel better. You might have to follow instructions like taking your medication with food or learn how to do it in a particular way, such as injecting it.

Remind Yourself If You Need To

If you’re not used to taking medication regularly or your memory isn’t great, it’s a good idea to remind yourself to take your medication. There are few things that you can do to make it easier to remember. For example, you can set alarms on your phone that remind you to take your medication at the right time. Or you might use visual reminders, such as leaving your medication where you can see it or even leaving yourself a note.

Store Your Medication Safely

Make sure you store your medication in the right way. Firstly, you need to store it according to any instructions. Some medications might need to be refrigerated, while others need to be stored at room temperature. The other thing you need to consider is how to store your medication safely. If you Important Things to Remember About Prescription Medicationhave children, pets or even roommates, you should make sure your medication can’t be accessed by any of them. A cupboard you can lock is a good idea, or if your medication needs to stay chilled, a mini fridge with a lock or locked box in the fridge can work.

Be Aware of the Dangers of Addiction

You should be aware of whether your medication is potentially addictive. This can happen with various types of medication, including some painkillers and medications for mental health problems. While you might begin taking something to treat an illness or pain, many people who get treatment from an addiction recovery center have experienced the same. You should be aware of whether your medication could be addictive, and work closely with your doctor to monitor your use.

It’s important to take prescription medication seriously. Make sure you’re responsible and follow any instructions that you’re given.

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