Different Health Checks that Women Should Attend

Different Health Checks that Women Should Attend

There are certain health checks that everyone should attend, from biannual dental appointments to eye tests every two years. However, there are certain health checks that only women really need to carry out and appointments that only women really need to attend. So, let’s take a moment to focus on a few different appointments that you should definitely be scheduling into your calendar!

Cervical Screening

A cervical screening is a commonly practiced medical procedure that is also referred to as a “smear test”, a “pap smear”, or a “pap smear test”. This screening examines cellular material in your cervix and determines whether it is as expected, or whether it shows irregularities or abnormalities. The main thing that doctors will be looking out for during cervical screening is cancerous cells that could cause cervical cancer down the line. You will not need to start having these tests until the age of 25, however, once you are 25, you will have the test once every year. The regularity of these tests may reduce as you age. However, it’s always a good idea to check how regularly you should be screened and to make sure to book in appointments appropriately.

Breast Screening

Breast cancer affects a number of women during their lives. It is extremely important to remember that the sooner breast cancer is identified and diagnosed, the sooner treatment can take place, which will greatly increase an individual’s survival chances. This is why you need to ensure that you book in for regular breast screening exams. These exams will use radiology to spot the development of cancerous cells before they are large enough to see or feel. Book in for these as appropriate. It is also important to remember that you can conduct checks on yourself on a regular basis to identify any lumps or other changes to your breasts that may indicate potential problems.

Contraceptive Checkups

In order to be provided with any form of contraception, you will initially have to have a consultation with your doctor. They will be able to conduct any necessary checks to ensure that this form of contraception is okay for you as an individual to use. However, it’s important to maintain regular checkups with your doctor to continue having confidence that your chosen form of contraception is fine for you. Checkups can entail ensuring that existing forms of contraception such as implants or the coil are still in place, or conducting blood pressure tests to ensure that the pill is still suitable for you.

These are just a few health checks that you should keep up to date with as a woman! There’s no excuse for missing them. Just schedule them into your calendar well in advance!

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