Women’s Health is More than Just Exercise

A strong exercise program is just one way for any woman to create better women’s health. It is important to eat well at the same time. Many different types of food not only contribute to better overall women’s health and help facilitate weight loss but assist with skin care, healthy nails, healthy hair and other important factors. Here is a list of foods that are perfect for helping in multiple areas of women’s health.

Beans – The fatty acid Biopin that is in beans play a significant part in women’s health by strengthening the hair and nails.

Cashews – Eating these nuts help to heal acne and scabs on skin, keeps hair shiny and helps to prevent white spots in nails. The reason for this is cashews are high in zinc.

Dark, leafy greens – The body is able to store more iron when greens are consumed on a regular basis. This contributes to healthier hair and a healthy glow to the skin. Dark, leafy greens such as chard, collard greens and kale are high in vitamin A and C. The body uses these to produce sebum, the oil that’s secreted in hair follicles.

Salmon – This delicious dish helps to maintain a healthy scalp and keeps the skin moist. The protein in salmon is beneficial in the fight against protein deficiency. The consequences of that include brittle nails, dull skin and unwanted hair color change.

Whole wheat – This grain contains selenium which is a mineral that can help any woman maintain cancer-free skin.

These foods are simple to prepare and delicious to eat. The best part is knowing that consumption of these five types of food can promote a much better state of women’s health!

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  1. Losing weight is like a persistent struggle for the people today, especially women and teenagers.

    A lot of famous diet plans can be learned in books and even online but not all of them can be considered healthy.

    I worked with a programme thats is a holistic diet and lifestyle plan that combines foods matched to your metabolic type along with a mind-body connection.

    It actually works, it s a long term healthy goal.The best bit about all this, NO Dieting Involved.

    Most diets don’t work because people eat the wrong foods. When you start eating the right kinds of natural foods specific for your metabolic type, you will start to lose weight, enjoy beautiful skin, and feel more energized.


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