Matching Women’s Suits to a Woman’s Needs

The rise of women in the workplace has caused in increase in the number of designers creating quality women’s suits for women to wear at the office. Suits serve the same purpose for women as they do for men, creating an image of professionalism and stellar work ethic. Therefore it is important when a woman is looking for a new suit for work to find styles of women’s suits that best fit her body type and style. When shopping for a suit, you might consider personalized jewelry for classy or fashionable accessories. Just because you’re wearing a suit to work doesn’t mean you can’t wear a nice pair of earrings or a necklace!

First, a woman needs to determine the purpose for wearing the suit. Women’s suits can be for professional use, business casual use or worn as an evening suit. Professional suits should project a conservative image with solid and neutral colors. Knee-length skirts are a great complement to women’s suits for business. Straight legged pants work well with professional suits too. Lighter fabric women’s suits can be worn when the woman can portray a more business casual look for the day. Women’s suits made of satin, silk and taffeta with details such as beading, larger lapels or ruffles are extremely feminine evening women’s suits.

Now that the woman knows when and where the suit will be worn it is time to choose what type of suit will best meet her needs. 3-piece sets are as simple as the name implies. These suits come with a jacket, a pair of pants and a skirt included in the set. Pant suits are great women’s suits for the ladies. Depending on what type of fabric is used to make the suit pant suits can be used in the most formal business situations or as casual work attire. The most common type of women’s suits may be the skirt suit. This combination comes with a skirt and matching suit jacket. Ladies with a desire to wear the most common type of skirt suit will wear a tailored jacket with a slim skirt made of the same fabric.

Pay attention to the specific maintenance details of different kinds of women’s suits to ensure you care for your suit properly. Since most suits needs to be dry cleaned have all pieces of a suit dry cleaned at the same time to ensure the entire suit experiences the same wear. You should try to limit how often you do this as too many trips to the dry cleaners will cause a suit to wear down at a faster rate. Spot or steam clean the suit in between taking it to the dry cleaners. Women’s suits should always be hung in a closet on sturdy hangers to help maintain their shape. Also, try not to jam too many suits in the same storage space. Women’s suits hung too close together will wrinkle easy.

When women’s suits are being worn there are a few things to consider. First, proper accessories can really add to the look of the suit. Professional women’s suits can be accessorized with light colored blouses, leather handbags or classy jewelry. Women’s suits that are more casual look great with colorful blouses and more eclectic jewelry. Second, women’s suits need to fit well while sitting, standing and moving. Pants should fit comfortable enough to get two fingers under the waistband while jackets need to fit comfortably on the shoulders and reach all the way to the hips and wrists.

Women’s suits are a classy way to dress for work or any casual occasion. Take some time to determine the styles of women’s suits that best fit your needs and personality!

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