Impress Your Friends By Being The Best Party Host Ever

Impress Your Friends By Being The Best Party Host Ever

Everyone loves a good party. Perhaps not all the time, but all of us enjoy letting our hair down at some point and catching up with everyone over a few cocktails and some nibbles.

Perhaps you and your friends take it in turns to host, or maybe you’ve decided a get together with all your friends is long overdue and you’ve taken the plunge by offering to host a party at yours and you might be wondering how you’re going to pull it off.

Well, don’t worry yourself to the extreme just yet as you can and will be able to pull of the best party they’ve ever been to. You don’t need to hire out a huge building or pay a world renowned DJ to get the party going, but you will need a few tricks up your sleeve if you’re wanting to pull something off that be will remembered for years to come.

Take a look at these suggestions below to make sure you throw a get together your friends will thank you for for years.

  1. Get a little merry

Most people love going to a party because it’s the perfect excuse to have a drink or two (and for some of us, a few too many) without needing to do something else. Sitting at home with a bottle of wine isn’t for everyone but nothing quite compares to being able to have your favorite drink along with your favorite people and some great conversation.

It’s always a good idea to advise people to bring their own alcohol too as we are all fussy where that’s concerned, but it’s also worth preparing some beverages for your friends to drink as there are always those who don’t read the invite properly or who forget at the very last minute.

You can opt to satisfy the majority by making a batch or two of alcoholic punch. However if you’re feeling a little fancy then consider learning how to make a few tasty cocktails your guests can enjoy. You can even purchase or rent mini bars these days that fit perfectly into your lounge or kitchen, so if you’re friends like to drink then you definitely need to get this part right.

  1. Satisfy the foodies out there

There are those who turn up to parties for the alcohol (aside from the company of course) and then there are those that are all about the food. Alcohol and nibbles always go hand in hand, so it would be a sin to not provide at least a small buffet for your friends to pick at. You can do it on the cheap and still keep your guests happy or you can splurge on a few luxury items – it really is up to you.

If you are a dab hand in the kitchen then it’s definitely worth preparing the food yourself. You can have a double whammy then and impress them with your amazing culinary skills – though expect hints for dinner invites for the rest of the year if you do. Doing the food yourself means that you can save on money and cater to anyone with specific food requirements such as allergies.

However not all of us are great in the kitchen, but that doesn’t need to be a problem. You can either take a quick trip to your local supermarket and get all the obvious party nibbles (we’re talking crisps, dips, pastries, mini pizzas and cakes) or you can hire a catering service to provide the goods for you. The great thing about both of these ideas is that you don’t need to technically leave your house for either – both deliver and so that’s one less thing you need to worry about once it’s all ordered. For a real treat, try eating pizzas cooked in a smoker. You can buy a cheap electric smoker and do this yourself at home!

  1. Get the music right

There is nothing worse than turning up to a party where the music is awful. Yes, taste in music is a subjective thing and yes, we don’t all agree, but where there is a divide in opinion then it’s good to stick to the status quo and not go too alternative. Put together a playlist that is at least a few hours long so that you don’t have to stress about constantly changing the song to avoid awkward silences. Having a decent sound system to fill the room once the party has picked up is also a worthwhile purchase, so have a look at the best reviews out there by Speaker Digital.

  1. Consider a theme

One way to automatically liven up your party is to set a theme everyone has to adhere to. It can be as strict or relaxed as you like (though be warned, some guests may panic about this and opt for skipping your party if the request is too unreasonable) but it always injects a little extra fun and excitement into a party.

It’s also a fantastic ice breaker and a way to get unacquainted guests talking with one another. There are hundreds of themes you can choose from, so it’s just about deciding which one you think will work best for you and your friends.

  1. Make sure you keep your guests safe

When planning a party we all tend to get a little caught up in the moment. You want you friends to have fun but you also want them to be safe as well. If you know your friends are driving then make sure they aren’t over the limit and consider offering up the spare room or sofa to any guests that have had one too many to avoid the risk of them drink driving. If that’s not possible then have a few taxi numbers handy for those guests who insist on getting home but are too drunk to drive.

If you’re planning something a little less wild and have opted for a dinner party instead then make sure you get that absolutely right too! Check out my post on how to wow your dinner party guests so that your friends are talking about how awesome your hosting skills are as well as your food.

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