Inside & Out: The Anxieties That Can Affect Us All

Inside & Out: The Anxieties That Can Affect Us All

There are so many different things that can cause anxiety in our lives, and to top it all off, various types of anxieties haven’t existed before now, due to increased social media use and the lack. But when it comes to anxiety across the board, the aspects concerning us as people is arguably one of the biggest causes of insecurity. So how can we address the key things about us that cause anxiety, but also aim to reduce our overall negative opinion of ourselves?

Our Body Image

We all have aspects of our body that we would like to change. For lots of people, this general annoyance about something we don’t like on our body, from an unsightly mole, to our teeth, can be corrected. There are operations to remove moles, to an Invisalign dentist that can give you invisible braces to help straighten out your teeth, but for some people, the problem goes much deeper. There are those who suffer from body dysmorphia, they have a general image anxiety in relation to their body. This can be cured with therapy, but also it’s about changing our perceptions of ourselves and accepting who we are, despite our preconceived faults. Acceptance is the key to looking after your anxieties in relation to your body image. If you can learn to accept who you are, this will be the positive step in the right direction.

A Feeling Of Inferiority

Anxieties can stem from how we look, but it can stem from how we feel in ourselves. Lots of us can suffer from inferiority complexes, and this can cloud our judgement on every aspect of our lives. We can feel that we are unimportant in comparison to others, and tend to shy away from things like public speaking or general conversations with people and retreat into our shell. This is dangerous because this inferiority can breed anxiety, which can bring about depression. Again, this is all to do with developing a positive self-image about ourselves. There are therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy which aims to retrain our minds to banish those negative thoughts. It’s not right to say that it’s about getting some confidence and that is the cure, because it very rarely is. The important thing in addressing an inferiority complex is understanding your worth. Self-belief is different to self-confidence, and while self-confidence can be forced, and it is possible to trick your brain into feeling this way, self-belief has a more fundamental worth. It’s also beneficial to find out the root cause of this inferiority. You may remember a time when you were lively and full of confidence, but something changed. Therapy can be very beneficial, but sometimes it’s only half the battle. The other half is about putting in the work to rebuild your confidence and self-belief again.

We all have issues about ourselves, and it’s always easier to take it out on ourselves rather than on the ones we love, but you need to identify your self worth. We are all important, and anxieties are only things that get in the way are stopping us achieving our true potential.

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