5 Signs Your Partner Might be Cheating on You

5 Signs Your Partner Might be Cheating on You

People are “supposed” to be monogamous, but the reality is many people find out they are being cheated on. Finding out that your loved one is unfaithful can be a hard blow, but it’s better to know about it as soon as possible. What are the clues you should be looking in a potentially cheating partner?

They are overprotecting about their phone

A phone is definitely a very personal item, but it’s also one of the first things which can lead to suspicious behavior. Someone who is cheating tends to overreact when you are around their phone. They might decide to put a password on it, out of the blue. Cheaters usually text, talk and check their phones in another room or as far as possible from their significant other. Another tell-tale sign of a cheating individual is the sudden appearance of repeated calls from unknown numbers. You can be one step ahead and do a reverse phone lookup to find out who is calling your partner.

New habits, new looks

When your partner is embracing new habits or is trying to change their looks, they might be trying to impress someone new. Both women and men try to look their best at the start of a relationship, so going to the gym is one of the new habits adopted by cheaters. If you suspect your partner, don’t engage in fights with them. Try to improve your communication and let them know you are curious about what made them take on a new habit and change their looks. Avoid the temptation to accuse them, as there might be a reasonable explanation to everything.

No more intimacy

A happy couple is going to be intimate as often as possible, as this is a way to strengthen the love between the partners. If you notice your partner avoids being intimate with you, there might be something wrong. Lack of interest from your partner can be caused by a health problem or emotional struggles, so try to find out if there is something wrong with your lover. If there are no such problems, you might have a cheater on your door.

Their workload increases

This is another delicate sign of cheating: it’s normal for a person’s workload to change from time to time. However, if your partner starts spending most of their time at work – at least, this is what they say – they might be trying to hide other type of meetings. You can talk about these changes with your partner, who should be open about what caused these changes.

Your partner doesn’t pay attention to you

If you find that your partner is more distracted than usually, they might be thinking of someone else. However, your partner might be distracted because they have problems at work or they are unwell, so before assuming anything, just talk to them. When the lack of interest in what you do and what you say is combined with anger, your partner might be cheating on you.

People are bound to make mistakes, but some people make a habit out of making mistakes. It’s up to you to decide if staying with a cheating partner is worth the effort. Being in a toxic relationship is going to drain you emotionally. In some cases, you can forgive and move on, but other times you need to move on.

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