LOVE TALK: A Great Relationship is Worth the Work

Love Without the Drama
Lynetta Jordan
“The Motivator” Lynetta Jordan

“A Great Relationship is Worth the Work” was one of the most popular messages on my Spoken Words of Love radio broadcast. It certainly takes effort to make a relationship great, but ladies, have you thought about this…? Relationship building is not entirely the man’s responsibility. Hmm. In order for us to experience satisfying and fulfilling love, we, too, must dig deep and sometimes get our French tips dirty to help make it happen.

Some women possess an “It’s all about me” philosophy about dating and marriage. If that’s you, do you realize that you have limited your opportunities for satisfaction? When women think love is all about us, we often neglect to give our dates or mates the same attention and affection we desire to receive. Let me reveal a secret, giving precedes receiving. Sowing sweet love into your man can help you reap overflowing returns!

In my book, Love Without The Drama, I help people experience success in life and love as I teach and empower them to apply God’s word to their everyday lives. Did you know that the Holy Bible, which is filled with wonderful past examples for future guidance, shows that women are a powerful force and emphasizes the role they play in nurturing and improving their romantic relationships? Journey with me as I share the wisdom of Proverbs 14:1 and the example of the Shulammite lover in Song of Solomon.

Proverbs 14:1 declares, “A wise woman builds her house, but a foolish one plucks it down with her own hands.” Wow. Did you realize how much your efforts and the loving (or unloving) environment you create impacts your relationship success? You are more influential than you may think. You can build your man up or tear him down with your own hands. Practically speaking, that’s your words, actions and attitudes. I encourage you to use your persuasive power to build your house by speaking life and showing abundant love to the man in your life who is worthy of your praise. Implement the wisdom of the word of God and woman, build your house!

The Shulammite lover in the Bible’s Old Testament book, Song of Solomon, knew how to build her house. She romanced her man so beautifully that I believe he had no choice but melt in her arms like butter on hot biscuits! That sister paid careful attention to and commented on almost every detail of her man’s physique. He observed every fine detail about her, too. Their love talk includes saying that their breath is the scent of apples and their kisses are like the best wine. They talk about the beauty of each other’s eyes, teeth, lips, necks, legs and more! It might help you to take notes on their delightful, detailed expressions of admiration and adoration for each other, highlighted in Song of Solomon’s eight chapters of vivid imagery and romantic love language.

As I teach in Love Without The Drama, the drama-free woman should never minimize the importance of generously sowing seeds of love into the drama-free man who shows he truly cares about her well being. Your man likely craves and desperately needs your attention, affection and praise. Truth is, he would rather receive it from you than even think about seeking it elsewhere, BUT if you tear your house down with negativity and selfishly refuse to build him up, you could lose the man you don’t want to be without.

So ladies, take pride in being your man’s number one love. Take joy in spending time with him and make your time together worth it to him. With gratitude galore, you should shower your man with respect and appreciation, passionately speak life into him and encourage him from the depths of your heart. Wives should lavish love, love, and more love in the bedroom, too. Cherish that outstanding man and make a big deal out of the things he does for you both publicly and privately. You must be the first one to be sure that you do not leave any voids that any other woman could possibly fill.

Your relationship destiny does not have to repeat your history. God wants you to experience love without the drama! Every woman must personally invest in the success of her relationship if she wants to have satisfaction and fulfillment. When she emphasizes posing for, playing with and praising the God-ordained man she wants to lead her, listen to her and love her exclusively, their relationship satisfaction can soar. When she reaps the benefits and begins to experience the relationship of her dreams, God’s ordained couple will agree that a great relationship really is worth the work!

Expect an unexpected blessing and have a phenomenal day!

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  1. i enjoyed the article and the words spoken are words of truth. they are words of inspiration that i can live by. i recommend that others read this article and try to learn from it. Great job

  2. Empowering article! Relationships can be loving and lasting and this article contains sound information that introduces us to how it can be done, and keep us coming back to this site for more! HIghly recommended.

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