Mandatory Ultrasound Laws Violate Women’s Rights and Bodies


Editor’s Note: National Organization for Women (NOW) President Terry O’Neill has an OpEd on regarding what she describes as “an outright War on Women” by the Republican Party including “one of the more degrading tactics up the radical-right sleeve: mandatory ultrasound laws.” O’Neill holds no punches as you’ll see below…

For decades, the radical right has been chipping away at women’s access to reproductive health care. After the 2010 elections, these attacks escalated into an outright War on Women. Now, the Republican presidential primaries are offering a disturbing glimpse into the supposed conservative vision for this country. In this right-wing utopia, women will no longer be able to exercise the right to control their bodies, plan their families or safeguard their own health. The church and the state will tell women what is best for them, and religious entities’ “liberty” will consistently trump individual women’s right to live and work free from discrimination and in accordance with their own religious and moral beliefs.

Much of the current he-man chest thumping is done for the benefit of voters who might be swayed to cast their ballots for the GOP based largely on social issues. And, as demonstrated in Virginia this week, conservative politicians are perfectly capable of putting on the brakes when proceeding with a piece of their anti-woman agenda appears to be backfiring.

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