12 Creative Hacks for the Common Cook

Every busy woman needs some shortcuts!

We hope you’ll find this infographic helpful. Please leave comments sharing your top kitchen tips and best food cooking appliances.

12 Creative Hacks for the Common Cook
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Infographic created by Colby Almond.

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  1. Clever and creative. As a RN, I would caution against using your cooler or plastic bags for cooking. These plastics are not made for heat and they release carcinogenic compounds when used this way.

    Also, you need to get the meat’s internal temperature up to about 170° which would be difficult when 2 quarts of 212°water is poured in. When the food, cooked or uncooked, is allowed to be allowed to be between 140 and 40 degrees, bacteria multiply, quickly, invisibly and they begin to release their own toxins as well as offering up a heaping portion of scary stew.

    If you keep up on your creativity, you’ll always have winners and losers, but you are doing a great job. It’s hard to get unsolicited advice, but I want to see you and your family safe.

    There are some great slow cookers out now that can handle big jobs, safely, and have latch-on lids for transport.

    Now, if your next suggestion is to use a crock-pot as a beverage cooler…

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