Places To Visit To Fall Back In Love With The World

Places To Visit To Fall Back In Love With The World

Visiting a new travel destination is not something that has no intrinsic value outside of relaxing you and introducing you to new experiences. It informs you of your place in the world, and can either open your heart to it or close it off. What matters is where you go. Of course, travelling to a war-torn country is not ideal for this purpose. Luckily, most of the world is not functioning in this state, affording you the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of fantastic and interesting places that can help you fall back in love with the world.

After all, watching the 24-hour news cycle can give you the impression that everything is wrong, that everyone is aggressive and self-serving and that every other country is somehow negatively impacting yours. The only way around xenophobia and a phobia of anything for that matter is to head outside of your comfort zone. We’d also recommend these following places as a vacation destination to truly cement this fact in your mind:


bahamasThere are many places that can afford you beauty, but if you’re looking for crystal clear water, beautiful beaches, exquisite food and all of this without a staggering tourist count, then heading to the Courtyard Nassau Junkanoo Beach can satiate all of those desires. The Bahamas offers much more than just beach fronts however. They also offer some world-class spa facilities, classes for fitness, beautiful food parlours and shopping districts. If you’re hoping for an excellent, relaxing and memorable time, why not put the Bahamas at the top of your list?


malaysiaMalaysia has had a long and somewhat sad history. However, right now it’s one of the most fastly developing areas in the world. One thing that truly shines in Malaysia is the populace, as for the most part they are the friendliest citizens you could meet. This might be in part due to the long religious strength of the country, as it’s very common for everyone to keep some form of faith that espouses friendliness to foreigners.  Heading to one of the local Malaysian mosques or temples, even if you’re not religious, can afford you a wonderful experience a little different to the normal pace of your life.


EuropeOf course, Europe offers you many countries to visit, so where on Earth should you go? Well, when it comes to travelling Europe, backpacking across the continent can be a relatively cheap and very adventurous mode of experiencing a vacation. It allows you to experience the freedom of backpacking with the security of many hostels at your beck and call. How else could you experience Italy, France, Germany and Spain all in one trip? If you can, picking up an interrailing ticket affords you near unlimited time travelling in this territory, until your funds or motivations run out of course.

With these three locations, you are sure to experience adventure, beauty, great people and great time to relax. Why not visit all three? Your inmost spirit will thank you.

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