Raise A Little Cash From The Things You Don’t Need

Raise A Little Cash From The Things You Don't Need

The year 2017 is gathering momentum now, as we head into spring it is a good time to get our gloves on and start a deep clean of our home, and our finances. Time to put ourselves ahead of the game and get ready to really enjoy the year ahead!

Saving money can sometimes seem like an impossible task but there are lots of very simple ways you can do this. There are also some great ways you can make money from things in your home that you don’t need anymore.

Spring is a great time to go through your wardrobe (and your stored clothes) and really decide what you do and don’t need.  A good rule is to remove any clothes you haven’t worn in 3 months into storage and if you still haven’t worn them after 6 months then they can go.  A lot of people will head straight to the charity shop with items of clothing they no longer want, however you can actually make money from those old dresses and, believe it or not, those shoes you once loved? Are exactly what someone else is looking for.

Using sites like Ebay to set up a little shop is a great way of selling unwanted clothes.  It will help if you take good photos on a light background but also if you slip them on and post photos of you wearing them.  This gives people an idea of what they look like.  Make sure your photos are light and bright to really highlight the style and fit of what you are trying to sell.  It doesn’t matter if they aren’t designer goods, in fact some people shy away from buying designer clothes online because there are so many fakes out there.  

Pricing is hard but if you do some research you should be able to find similar items, or you could put a lot together and place as an open auction.  

A lot of people have a drawer full of gadgets too, unwanted and unused you are actually sitting on cash.  Make the most of cell phone buyback shops and see if you can raise some cash from your old mobile.  You might be surprised to see how much money has been sitting in your cupboard doing nothing! You could also sell on auction sites but the buyback service is really simple and you are guaranteed the money without having to worry about seller fees or buyers letting you down.

Garage sales are a more traditional way of releasing capital from unwanted items.  You can set up shop in your garage or front yard, and let the neighborhood know you are having a clear out. You might also rent a cheap dumpster and throw any large, unsold items away – de-cluttering your home or apartment is a great way to start the year!

Clearing our homes is good for our pockets and also great for our minds.  It lifts a little bit of clutter that we didn’t even know we had! So head home, clear out your closets, and raise a little bit of extra cash.

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