Self-Love: The Most Important Love Form

Self-Love: The Most Important Love Form

If you have earned for the whole last year and couldn’t spend much on your own self, it’s time to shower yourself some love. You deserve self-love from your hard-earned money. Some of the few ways of showering self-love include:


Buy yourself some books. Reading books adds imaginative power and lets you explore yourself, it gives you the exact time you want in your free time.

Wardrobe Update

Being a girl, you know how important it is to update your wardrobe every now and then. And this way of showering love, buying the clothes you are comfortable in kicks in the extra confidence you’d need. Surprise yourself and people around you by wearing something which is not your style but looks too cool on you.

Plan a solo trip

Yes, solo trip. The words solo and trip together sounds very exciting. And trust me; it is more than exciting than it sounds. Go to a new city, explore the city, know its history, meet new people, know new and different stories, learn about a new culture, and learn some of the local slang and expressions. These all will add to the book of memorable moments of yours.

Buy some gold jewelry

Buying the yellow metal is like an investment; an investment which you can wear casually or on occasions. Value of gold wouldn’t fall. You can buy beautiful jewelry like a pendant, earrings, nose pin, necklace, chains, and much more. There are cute and delicate gold nose pin designs available nowadays which will add a new trend in your look.

Buy diamond jewelry

Buying diamond jewelry will even add to your investment value. Beautifully carved diamonds studded on the metal will just add to your beauty. You might be a little skeptical about being cheated while buying diamonds. But, don’t worry, there are many certifications and gradings like GIA which will make you feel relaxed about the diamonds you buy. So once you have checked the certificate and done your research about it, relax and buy yourself a pair of exquisite design of diamond bangles or necklace, or nose pin or even earrings.

Pamper yourself with some spa

Give yourself a gift of spa. The five-star treatment to you and relaxing massages with the soothing aroma of the oils, just replenishing. Pampering yourself with a spa is a very soothing experience. It will give you some rest, physically as well as mentally. There are various options to choose from like types of oils or creams to types of massages you want.

Gift yourself some cool technology

Luxury could be in the form of a tech device which would make your life easy and more interesting. It could be the fitness band, which will measure your heartbeat, steps taken etc., fire stick which will literally set up your television on fire, Bluetooth speakers.

A musical instrument

If you are one of those who always wanted to play an instrument but never got any chance to do so. Then who are you waiting for? Buy the guitar or keyboard, or the violin you always wanted to play and fire-ups your me-time with the new music you will compose!

There are many various ways to shower some self-love and spend your hard earned money on yourself. These are just some examples which can give you newer ideas.

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