Small Steps Towards Feeling Better About Yourself

Small Steps Towards Feeling Better About Yourself

With the arrival of gloomy autumn days, many experience a drop in overall energy levels, as well as excessive tiredness and distinctive inability to enjoy things that once brought them pleasure. The lack of sunshine and new weather conditions affect our inner circadian rhythm. While some notice they’re just a bit more tired than usual, others experience a significantly disrupted mental balance known as the Seasonal Affective Disorder (an ironically descriptive acronym – SAD), which may cause overeating, depression, irritability, and oversleeping. But, are you doomed to feel crushingly sad until spring comes around? Have no fear: there are ways to chase away the autumn blues and feel better about yourself.

Let the Sunshine in

During autumn days, there isn’t much sunshine going on, so try your best to savor those rare sunny days when they do occur. Instead of staying by your computer all day, go outside and soak it all in. Cloudy weather and the lack of sunshine cause a decrease in levels of vitamin D, dopamine and serotonin – which greatly affects our mood. Take supplements: there are specially designed mixtures of minerals and vitamins for women on the market. Consider installing a light box in your room so that you feel better and get a sense of warmth. Another way to boost your mood is to go outside despite the fact you’d rather hibernate until spring. Try hiking in nature: woods are beautiful during autumn, which might cause a shift in your perspective and make you appreciate the season for its hidden beauty.

Three Wise Ways to Make Your Fitness Regime StickStart Breaking a Sweat

Exercising has various physical and mental health benefits. It’s particularly important to stick to a workout routine during the autumn months, especially because we all instinctively go heavy on the candy and carbs because they work as mood- and energy-lifters. Reboot your self-confidence: within just two months of exercising and an adjusted diet – you’ll see noticeable results. Not only does it feel victorious because you’ve managed to commit to something and use your efforts to change your physique, but it also helps in balancing out your brain chemical levels. Pick colorful, well-fitting workout apparel to feel good about your body and boost your motivation. You can also find reviews for the best waist trimmer belts online. Science-backed data says there is a direct connection between what we wear and how we feel. The mind rules the body, but it’s the other way around, too.

Spend Time with Positive People

Too often, we surround ourselves with negative people that seem to emotionally drain us. Women are especially prone to harmful self-talk and harsh feeling coolcriticism – you don’t need to be a collateral victim of other’s insecurities. We are all vulnerable when it comes to other people’s opinion and it affects us more than we like to admit. Learning how not to be hard on yourself is hard, but a lot easier with the support of friends. Have fun together, laughter is the best medicine, and try to do things that are freeing and give you a sense of identity. Crispy air and the rustling leaves beneath your feet might feel completely different with hot chocolate in your hands and a friend by your side.

Make an Emotion-Tracking Journal

When we think about how we feel, we easily fall into a vicious circle and are unable to find our way out. In addition to the importance of communicating your feelings with people, it’s good to write them down. Start writing a journal as it will help you get a clearer sense of yourself and you’ll map out your problems systematically. Everything will seem much more solvable when put on paper. Identifying what you currently feel is the key to taking necessary steps towards feeling better.

Take Time for Self-Care

You have to set your priorities straight and invest in some “you” time. Pamper yourself at the spa, take the whole day off to do what you love, change your haircut, or simply enjoy solitude for a while. We all need some time alone in order to reflect and contemplate. Meditation is also extremely beneficial and it is not as hard as most people think. Use it to connect with your mind and body, relax, and focus on your breathing. Try to practice at least 30 min per day and you’ll notice a significant progress in how you feel in just eight weeks or so.

These are the five things you can incorporate into your daily routine to feel better. A little effort goes a long way!

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