So You Don’t Want To Be A Mother? That’s Okay And Here’s Why

So You Don't Want to be a Mother That's OK and Here's Why

The number of women without children is inching closer and closer to 50% and since the government started taking the census back in the seventies, this is the highest that figure has ever been. While there are some natural instincts in both men and women when it comes to children, actually having them may not be for everyone. There is a lot of pressure from society for women to automatically enter the role of wife and mother, but things are slowly starting to evolve as women take their place in other facets of their lives. Discover some of the reasons women may not want to have children, and why it’s okay.

There Is Simply No Desire To Be Responsible For Another Human Being

Having a child is about more than just the late nights and diaper drills, it also happens to be one of the greatest responsibilities on earth. Not only are you responsible for keeping this other human alive, you are also responsible for building character, teaching good morals, and more. For some, this task seems too daunting to take on and they would prefer not to do it at all. These women understand that they might not have the patience to deal with a little one and recognize that they may do more harm than good.

The Ability To Prevent A Hereditary Disease

A hysterectomy is often viewed as a procedure only for women who have a serious disease or those who have decided they have enough children. But there are perfectly healthy women opting for this route in order to prevent hereditary diseases from crippling their children or because they wish to prevent a disease, such as cervical cancer. Those who are afraid of falling pregnant may have tried other forms of birth control only to have undesired results because they might change their mind about having children.

You Can’t Prevent Life’s Misfortunes

Not wanting to have children may have nothing to do with the feelings a woman may have towards children. Instead, it could be a desire to protect them from the ills and evils of this world. Whether this is something they’ve experienced themselves or just in witnessing the daily news, the natural desire to protect children will sometimes prompt women not to have them at all. This protective nature, while good, can often lead to helicopter parenting if forced into motherhood.

Just because women have the ability to fall pregnant and have babies, means that they should. It’s one of the most important decisions along life’s journey and shouldn’t always have to rely on some big thing such as an important career or completing a degree. It can also just be a simple “no” without an explanation.

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