Spring Cleaning Your Skin Care Routine

Spring Cleaning Your Skin Care Routine

The days are getting longer, the birds are chirping, and finally the temperature begins to rise. Spring is (almost) here. As you begin to remove the layers, you notice that the cold weather has undoubtedly left your skin dry. Your wardrobe shouldn’t be the only thing transitioning this time
of year– a new skin care routine is just as important in order to properly repair, replenish, and refresh from the harsh winter. Below are some tips and tricks to help your skin conquer this transitional time with ease:

1. Switch to a lightweight moisturizer

Thick creams help keep your skin hydrated during the cold, dry months. As the warmer weather arrives, make the switch to a lightweight moisturizer. Look for products that contain emollient ingredients such as vitamin E, alpha hydroxy, beta hydroxy and acids, aloe vera. Opt for a high-quality moisturizer from a brand such as skinceuticals.

2. Incorporate a higher SPF

SPF should be a part of your skin care routine year round. As the sun gets stronger and you begin to spend more time outdoors, turn to a higher SPF in order to properly protect your skin. One thing to note, the sunblock you use on your body may need to be different for your face as the formula could potentially lead to unwanted breakouts. When it comes to your face, look for skin care products with titanium dioxide or zinc oxide when selecting a sunscreen. Most importantly, don’t forget to reapply every two hours!

3. Throw out old makeup

Spring is the perfect time to go through your makeup bag and throw out anything where you can’t remember the date of purchase. Similar to your moisturizer, you should reach for a lightweight foundation. BB cream is perfect correcting and moisturizing.

4. Add exfoliation to your routine

It’s important to remove dead skin cells on both your face and body in order to stimulate cellular renewal. Exfoliation can help make your skin smoother and healthier– perfect for the warmer months. Don’t want to buy an exfoliating scrub? No problem. It’s super easy to create a quick sugar scrub at home. Simply mix ½ cup of white or brown sugar and ½ cup olive or coconut oil. Don’t forget to add in your favorite essential oils, too!

5. Make sure you’re shaving properly

Make sure you’re shaving properlyWith the warmer weather (hopefully) approaching, shaving becomes an unnecessary evil. Ladies, pair a smooth shave with your favorite dresses and shorts using these quick tips:

● Always shave using shaving gel and warm water to avoid nicks and irritation. Note: it’s best to shave at the end of your shower or bath to help prep the skin.

● Make sure you shave in the opposite direction of hair growth in order to get the closest shave.

● Once complete, rinse with cool water to help close the pores.

● Make sure you replace your razor frequently (~every 8 shaves) as bacteria can easily enter you skin via cuts leading to infection.

6. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Adequate water consumption is key when temperatures begin to increase. Hydrate properly both through water as well as selecting fruits and vegetables with high water content. You can even combine these items to create a flavorful water that maximizes your nutrient consumption.

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