Staying Focused at Work with a Full Plate

Staying Focused at Work with a Full Plate

Women are known for having a lot of responsibilities in their life. Even with a spouse, significant other, or supportive family system to help them out, there is often a lot that needs to get done to ensure the safety and well-being of their household. There’s household chores, cooking, caring for their children, sustaining a healthy relationship, and finding time to care for themselves. Add to that mix the need to hold down a job, staying focused becomes a challenge.

Many women report feeling overwhelmed, burned out, or exhausted from their daily activities. By the time they reach the office, they’ve been so consumed physically and emotionally, that staying on task is nearly impossible. As being able to provide financially for their families is a top priority, it becomes increasingly necessary to find a way to stay focused on the job. Below, are a few suggestions:

Ask for More Help

If there’s a lot on your plate, there’s nothing wrong with asking those you know to help out a bit more. Whether it’s asking your husband to cook dinner a few nights a week or enlisting your parents to watch the kids after school, the more hands involved in raising your children the less you have to focus on. You can also look into other resources for help like after school programs or transportation services to help out with taking care of the kids until you’re off work.

dietary supplementsTry Natural Supplements

Try as you may, you don’t always get the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals your body needs to thrive. While eating a well-balanced diet and ensuring that you’re eating at least 3-5 times a day is highly recommended, you might also benefit from natural supplements like CBD oil. CBD is a natural chemical found in hemp plants known to help improve focus by reducing stress and improving your mood. Taking a capsule in the morning can help to keep your mind focused throughout the day. If you’re worried about CBD and drug tests, as long as you purchase your products from the right source, you won’t have anything to worry about with your employer.

On the subject of CBD, you might also want to check out CBG hemp flower. Many in the industry believe CBG’s therapeutic benefit will surpass CBD once it becomes more well-known. CBG flower won’t get you “high,” but will make you feel relaxed and at ease.

Create a Routine at Home

When you’re haphazardly surviving each day with no goals or routines in place it can cause you to lose focus. You can get back on your A game at work by creating a routine for you and your family. Knowing what needs to be done and when (in advance) helps you to be more organized and better prepared for what lies ahead.

healthy womanEat a Healthy Breakfast

Sometimes you lose focus in the office because your health isn’t the best. If you’re skipping breakfast and trying to survive the day on coffee and whatever junk food is available in the company vending machines, you’re definitely going to get distracted. Hunger pains set in or your body starts to crash from the sugar rush you just indulged in will throw your concentration. Make sure that you’re eating a healthy meal each morning so that you have the energy to get through the day.

Set Up a System at Work

It can be hard to stay on task in the office when you have a bunch of things to do and no concept on how you’ll get it all done. You can turn things around by setting up a system at work. Break down your workplace responsibilities into small, actionable tasks. Then, decide when it is best to complete each one. For instance, when you come in, perhaps the first thing you’ll do is check voicemails and review emails received after hours. Then, you might move on to drafting correspondence and making phone calls. Having a system makes it easier to stay on target and accomplish more.

Balancing your work and home life is a lot more challenging than most realize – especially for women. You often have so many things on your plate to take care of for your family that by the time you make it to the office, you’re stressed beyond belief. As keeping a job is a huge part of you being there for your loved ones, use the above-suggested ideas to organize your home life so that you can stay focused at work.

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