A Mother’s System of Survival

system of survival
Vanessa McCafferty
Vanessa McCafferty

S.O.S. System of Survival, that is. Every mother has one.  This is what carries us through tough days and keeps Child Protective Services away. Some may even call it their “happy place.” In speaking with women with multiple children, I learned it is crucial to master this system before your family grows and the need threatens your mental health.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore my family and am enormously grateful for 99.9% of the moments I share with them. For the other 0.1%, I rely on the following:

Nutella:  Most often consumed by the spoonful, Nutella is a jar full of hope and joy. Thank you for your chestnut chocolate love Italy.

Dancing at Weddings:  Although a little more difficult to summon on a whim, weddings are my idea of a good time. There is love in the air and I’m usually one chocolate martini deep, dancing barefoot in a circle to YMCA or We are Family. Anything by Whitesnake or from the 80s would also do.

Non-Fat, No Water Chai Lattes from Starbucks: I know spending $3.25 on a cup of liquid is excessive, but I will give Starbucks credit for consistently delivering the perfect cup of tea. Please note that a home brew using Oregon Chai mix with milk is almost as effective.

Chats with Moms: I often rely on kindred spirit moms, but enjoy speaking with my mother most. While she begins and ends conversations with “you should…”, Mom still knows me best and can give invaluable perspective on any situation.

Potato Products: I’m looking at you sweet potato fries, tater tots and salt & vinegar chips. I cherish our time together even if you cause my jeans to fit poorly.

On most days, all I need is a sweet kiss or snuggle from my husband, son or dog and that is as blissful a place as I can be but on other days you can find me engaging in S.O.S. tactics. What are yours?

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Vanessa McCafferty lives in Manhattan Beach, California with her husband Colin, her son Nolan (17 months), and her mini Goldendoodle, Birdie (2).

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