The 2019 Colors of the Year for Dance Costumes

The 2019 Colors of the Year for Dance Costumes

Choosing the right dance costume can impact the entire performance, and it’s not always an easy decision to make. Not only do you have to take into account your unique dancers, but you also need to identify new trends. Every year we see favorite dance costume colors come and go, and it’s always worth knowing the next best thing.

While we saw nothing but rose and gold in 2018, we expect new trends to take center stage in 2019. It’s never too early to look forward, so let’s talk about the best dance costume colors we’re expecting to see in 2019. They might just surprise you.

rich purpleRich Purple

Expect to be one of Pantone’s colors of the year in 2019, the color pallet known as “Cravings” comes complete with all shades of rich, velvet purple. Hues of bright reds, flamingo orange, and the richest of purples are all bringing a much-needed warmth to the fading rose gold trend.

With this trend, we can expect to see a lot of statement pieces. Think candy-bright accessories and frills that bring to mind all the tastes we love to indulge ourselves in. While purple is at the center of this trend, we expect to see a combination of vibrant colors on the stage next year. What sparks your sweet tooth, and how can you express these shades in your costumes?


While it’s reminiscent of the famed city in the Wizard of Oz, emerald is making a come back next year. This is the perfect balance to the “Cravings” shades of purple or orange. The elegance of this deep green are graceful and always in style. It’s easy to pair with other dance costume classics like reds, blacks, and nudes.

Even better, emerald is known to look great on just about any skin tone. Its rich shade comes in a variety of hues, so there’s room for some fun. There’s no denying that emerald is an instant classic, and it’s no wonder we can expect to see more of it next year.

solid colors and laceSolid Colors and Lace

Yes, this 2018 trend isn’t anticipated to be going anywhere soon. We saw solid colors and lace all over the place in 2018, and we aren’t ready to see it go just yet. The most common solid color choice was white, and this might change in the coming months. Expect to see more of the colors above, as well as other vibrant choices paired with lace indulgences.

Lace lends an air of feminine grace to any costume, and it’s perfect to pair with a leotard on its own or another flowy skirt. While we’ve seen lace most often in the realm of contemporary, jazz, and lyrical dance, it’s even starting to become a part of cheer uniforms and beyond. We can all be glad this trend will live to see another year.


While red combines with the “Cravings” trend we outlined above, we’re also seeing it stand on its own. There’s no denying that red is a bold statement, but it also brings some femininity that other exciting colors might lack. Red has long brought visions of power, fire, and excitement, and this is no exception.

Red is seen across the spectrum of dance, from jazz performances to hip hop. We’re looking forward to seeing red incorporated in new ways, whether it’s through accessories or statement costumes.


Finally, metallic colors like gold, silver, and all shades in between are expected to become a popular choice for dancers across the country. Alexandra Costumes is one of the designers leading the way in this trend with   patterns, glitters, and accessories to add a bit of spark to any dance routine.

Metals are easy to dress up or dress down. They never seem to go out of style, but they’re coming back to the stage in a big way. Expect to see them in both small details and throughout the costumes as a whole with metallic leotards, skirts, and more.

Know the Trends

Being able to anticipate trends for the upcoming year is a great way to get a head start on your costume choices. What you wear on the stage impacts how you feel, so this isn’t a decision to take lightly. While it’s important to know what trends are coming and going, it’s also important to wear what you feel best in.

Catch these trends early to take advantage of their fashion-forward style. These colors are going to be everywhere, so keep an eye out for them now while prices are low and you’re still the first to take the spotlight.

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