The Importance of Website Design for Your Business: How to Combine Style and Substance

The Importance of Website Design for Your Business

First impressions count for a lot and if you want a successful business you need to grab the attention of your audience right away. In terms of a physical office space this remains vital, but if you have an online presence, the need for good design increases hugely.

Online viewers take just 50 milliseconds to form an opinion about your website, so a badly designed header is all it takes for you to lose a lot of business. Fortunately, online design is a lot more accessible than it has been previously, so whether you’re a growing SMB, a sole proprietor, or an attorney in need of a lawyer website, a beautifully designed online presence is well within your grasp.

Choose your look

There is no correct look when it comes to designing your business – instead it all comes down to knowing your audience and meeting their expectations. Would a wacky, informal design suit your business or should you opt for a more professional vibe? These are questions that you must ask yourself at the beginning of the design process so that you have a clear plan throughout.

Without compromising on your own unique style, take inspiration from the websites and YouTube channels that you frequent on a regular basis. What design aspects do you like and which do you find a bit clumsy? Make a prototype design for your business using a pen and paper first, before moving onto a more technical approach.

Use the right software

Once you’ve finalized your company’s look in your mind, it’s time to start bringing it to life. Today, there are a wide variety of web design agencies that you can pay to create your website, but there are also a number of software packages that allow you to craft your online look for yourself. Many of these will come with an extensive help section to get you started and online tutorials in web design are also available.

Think about what features you need and look into trial packages that would allow you to test the software before having to pay for it in full. What’s more, think about whether you need to design an entire website or something more specific like a YouTube channel. There are many software options that have the latter in mind, so click here for more information.

Keep it fresh

Remember what the Internet looked like back in the 1990s? Horrible.

As web browser technology develops it is able to handle more graphically rich websites, leading to a world wide web that is constantly changing its appearance. If your online presence hasn’t changed its look for a while it might be time for a makeover.

Remember to stay true to your brand values, but add a modern twist to your website by introducing new features, making sure it is mobile friendly and taking note of customer feedback. Of course, there’s no need to change your website just for the sake of it, but an updated design can make your brand look more relevant and fresh. There’s a reason why some of your favorite sites keep changing their look, so why not consider revamping your own online presence?

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