Do You Want to Win the Website Wars?

Do You Want to Win the Website Wars?

To say that getting your website right is essential would be an understatement. In 2019, this is THE ultimate for getting your name out there and pulling the profits you need. The trouble is that every other business owner on the market right now knows this. As such, the website wars are in full swing and only companies who embrace the fight head-on stand any chance of victory. That’s because these are the companies who ensure their websites meet customers needs so well competitors don’t get a look in. That’s a reality you want on your side, and it’s an easy enough goal to achieve if you keep the following warrior-like methods in mind at all times. 

Counterbalance your competitor’s moves

A boxer always watches their component awhile before taking a shot. This is an easy way to determine someone’s fighting style, and it can help them come back with a shot which is sure to land. The same technique might also put your website on top. Watching competitors has always been useful, but that’s especially the case online. Nowadays, you don’t need to worry about subtle spying or second-hand information. Instead, you can head right to your competitor’s websites to see what they’re doing. Remember that you don’t want to copy here. Doing so would see you both swinging at the same time. Instead, watch your competitor and then counterbalance them. If they bring out a new product, bring out two. If they develop a blog, create a blog, and a YouTube channel. This one-up mentality could soon see their customers coming your way. 

Coming In To Land: Is Your Website's Landing Page Up To ScratchBring an army on board

No wise woman goes into battle alone, nor should you embark on the website wars by yourself. The trouble with trying to tackle websites alone is that you have limited expertise. If your competitor knows something you don’t, that could cost you the competition. When you bring an army on board, though, you can utilize the most knowledge possible. Where you source your army is up to you. It may be that your employees can bring something fresh to your website development. Or, perhaps you want a web design company fighting your corner for you. Either way; a big army could soon see your competitors running for cover. Or, at least, failing to appeal to those customers. 

Always keep your guard up

It’s a foolish fighter who lets their guard drop in the midst of battle. A few silly missteps from taking your eye off the ball could leave your competitor victorious on the battlefield and online. Don’t let it happen. Instead, always keep your guard up where your website is concerned. Make a regular habit of checking what your competitors are doing at least once a month. Be sure, too, to keep your content relevant and fresh with new blog posts, newsletters, and even technologies as they arise. This way, you can both win the battle and hold onto your victory (and your sales) for a long time to come.

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