The Long Arm Of Design Protecting And Serving Furniture

The Long Arm Of Design Protecting And Serving Furniture

Furniture is like everything in life today: disposable. Does it have a mark or a scratch? Don’t worry because you can buy a new one. This is the way people think and act, and there is nothing wrong with it if you have the money. Sadly, average households can’t afford to replace furniture unless it’s necessary or they win the lottery. So, instead, you have to live with furnishings which have blemishes and that takes away from the aesthetics. Of course, there is a quick fix and it is to protect sofas, tables, chairs, etc. with the following methods. Here’s what you need to know.

Use Covers

There are pros and cons to everything, and the negatives seem to outweigh the positives regarding covers. Basically, they look and sound terrible and these attributes put people off buying them. However, even if they aren’t easy on the eye, they prevent damage thanks to a layer of protective material. And, the great thing is that you can purchase them for almost any fitting. Go online at and you’ll find bean bag chair covers, honestly! If in doubt, opt for a clear, translucent number so that it’s harder to spot with the naked eye.

Opt For Throws

For those of you who wish to be a bit more modern, a throw is another option. Like a cover, it’s quite thick and robust and protects furniture from scraps, scrapes and stains. However, because they are usually made of material instead of plastic, they look better and blend in with the style of the house. The trick is to opt for a long one which drapes the entire piece. Don’t worry because the contrast will make it look pretty stunning. Also, don’t be afraid to add pillows to add to the look. When the throw blanket has to go in the laundry, you should be extra careful with the object!

Keep Pets Away

Sorry, but animals shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near furniture which you want to save. Dogs and cats are cute and cuddly yet they have sharp paws, especially the felines. Cats are notorious for scratching their claws against sofas and armchairs and can take chunks out of the fabric. The same goes for leather, too. As soon as they try and jump up, be sure to get them down again even if there is a cover or a throw. Some owners like to trim their nails also to be on the safe side.

Clean It

Furniture starts to degrade when it is old and tired. Take a wooden table as an example. As the dead tree begins to age, it loses its structural integrity. In this case, there isn’t much you can do other than wipe it down and imbue it with a stain. The stain should strengthen the fabric of the wood and stop it from collapsing. A piece of cloth is hard to save, but leather is pretty easy. A special wipe will clear away the dirt and grime and prevent a build-up from eating at the material.

Do you spend too much on furniture? If so, the advice above should help.

Image courtesy of Pixabay.

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