The Real Beauty Secret: Confidence!

The Real Beauty Secret Confidence!

We’ve all heard the cliches about true beauty coming from within thousands of times throughout our lives right? The bizarre thing about that is that, despite it being a total cliche, it’s absolutely true. If you really want to be more attractive, the best thing in the world is to have confidence in yourself. Of course, that’s much easier said than done. There isn’t anyone in the world who was told “just be confident!” and then suddenly all of their problems were solved. Confidence can be an incredibly useful tool for feeling and looking better, but it’s something that takes work, especially when you’ve got things like advertising and the media constantly telling you that there’s something wrong with you. But is it possible to become more confident in yourself? Well, the simple answer is yes! Confidence isn’t something that you’re necessarily born with, and it can definitely be learned over time. If you’re able to increase your confidence levels, you’ll find yourself looking and feeling better almost immediately. Confidence can give you the boost you need to try new things, experiment with the way you look, and finally feel totally comfortable in your own skin. But how do you do it? How can you go from feeling shy and uncomfortable to being full of boundless self-confidence? Well, here are a few ways to go about it.

The True Power Of PositivityThink positively about others

If you want to start thinking more kindly about yourself, then the first step should be thinking kindly about others as well. We’re all trained to judge ourselves and one another constantly. There’s always plenty of stimulus surrounding people that’s telling them they have to compete and that other person being talented or attractive means that they are always going to be lesser by comparison. Breaking out of this cycle is a fantastic first step to learning to feel more comfortable with who you are. Rather than looking at other people and finding things to judge or criticize, think about the positive things you could be thinking instead. If you would normally judge someone for dressing a certain way, why not think about the confidence it must take for them to pull it off. When you start being kinder to others, it becomes that much easier to be kind to yourself.

List the things that you like about yourself

A Force For Good: Stopping Being So Self-AbsorbedNo matter what there will always be things that you like about yourself. They don’t need to be physical characteristics either. Perhaps you’re very loyal or generous; perhaps you have near infinite patience when it comes to helping people. But you should always list the things you like about yourself physically. Spend some time just getting used to your own face in the mirror and try to look at it in an unbiased way. Do you have a beautiful smile? Bright eyes? Are your brows always near perfect? Do you have curves that some people would kill for? Legs that go on for days? The list could go on! Just picking out little things like this do focus on can make a huge difference. Even if there are aspects of yourself that you don’t like as much, at least now you’ll be able to set those aside rather than letting them influence the way that you feel about yourself as a whole.

Become who you would want to be

Of course, one thing that should be said is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a problem with a part of yourself and deciding to change it as long as it’s something that you’re sure about and it’s a decision that you’re making free of any outside influence. If you decide it’s time for you to get in shape, then that should be because you want to do it, not because anyone in your life is saying that there’s something wrong with you. Of course, some methods are more drastic, but you should only think of things like surgery as a last resort if something about the way that you look is really preventing you from living your best life. There are plenty of non-surgical alternatives that you can use like to making changes to your appearance as long as you feel as though doing so would really make a difference. It’s important to know however that sometimes things come from a much deeper place and no matter what you change you might still have to deal with those feelings.

Fake it!

5 Powerful Ways to Rebuild and Get Better Self-EsteemNo, really! If you look around at work, at a party, or even just in the street and see people who seem full of confidence, then there’s one thing you can pretty much guarantee: at least some of them are faking it. If you assume that everyone around you has more confidence than you and that you’ll never be able to reach the same levels as them, then life is going to seem incredibly lonely and isolating. But if you realize that there are a lot of people out there who are just as worried as you then things become a lot less frightening. The other thing about faking it is that it does more than just make you seem more confident, it makes you feel more confident. This might sound a little odd, but if you project confidence out into the world, then people are going to start treating you as such. You’ll get more and more used to the world seeing you the way you want it to until you actually start seeing yourself that way. Eventually, you won’t even have to fake it anymore; you’ll just have that confidence in everything that you do. It takes time, but it really does work.

It’s important to remember that everyone has their own methods of feeling confident and, over time, you’ll probably come to discover your own, but these may offer you a solid starting point at least. Eventually, you won’t need any special techniques or methods to feel confident in yourself; it’s something that eventually will start to come from within. When that happens, you won’t even be able to remember what it was like before.

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  1. Great article! I never considered a nose job before but having dermal fillers sounds like a great alternative to surgery.

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