Your Complete Guide on How to Choose the Perfect Necklace

Your Complete Guide on How to Choose the Perfect Necklace

When you’re thinking about buying a necklace it can sometimes be a little difficult to choose which one really suits you or the person you’re shopping for. When you know the preference and the purpose of the necklace, it can be a lot easier to narrow down your possible options. Do you want a stand-alone chain or do you want to add a pendant? Are you shopping for a male or a female? It’s never a bad time to buy some new jewelry. So when you decide that you want to purchase a necklace, this guide will help you choose the perfect necklace.

pearl necklaceChain Style

The foundation of any necklace is the chain. After all, it is what actually goes around your neck. There are plenty of chain styles to choose from when you shop Adina’s Jewels.

  • There are rope chains, which resemble a spiraling rope with many small metal segments. They’re durable and very textural. This style is popular with both men and women.
  • The snake chain, which is smooth and cylindrical like a snake. Snake chains aren’t very flexible but they are great chains to go with pendants. Because their rings are so tightly fit together, they don’t catch on clothing or hair very easily. But repairing them is a bit more involved than larger open link styles.
  • The Singapore chain is a twisting open chain that is surprisingly strong despite that it moves almost like liquid. It’s a classic style that pairs well with pendants and is equally as stunning on its own. It also has a more feminine feel to it.
  • Figaro chains are very simple but they’re more ornate than a cable chain which resembles traditional iron chains. These flattened links are usually found in an alternating pattern of one long link followed by two or three short links. Broken links are easy to fix and it is a gender neutral style.
  • Box chains are another popular unisex choice. They have square links that are connected to form a smooth and continuous chain. Box chains are easy to fix and quite strong.

There are also many other chain styles to choose from, including ball or bead chain, curb chain and puffed mariner chain. Most chains have a lobster clasp to secure it around your neck, but there are also magnetic clasps, closed loops and ball chain connectors to name a few.

Gauge and Length

Although most chains are unisex, the width or gauge of the chain is usually what makes a chain appear more masculine or feminine. Some chains are quite handsome in wider widths, like curb and Figaro chains. Larger gauge chains tend to be more pricey and more durable. In general, heavier chains appear more masculine, while thinner necklaces tend to be more feminine and demure.

As far as length goes, the length is a matter of taste and style. The longer the chain, the bigger the statement it makes. A long necklace can easily become your main accessory or negate the need for other accessories. A longer chain will also raise the price of the necklace. Length doesn’t make a necklace more masculine or feminine but it does make a difference in your choice of pendants, as does the gauge of the chain. Larger pendants pair well with both longer and wider chains. If the necklace you choose is both long and wide, it will appear more masculine and will be striking with or without a pendant.

Leaf-shaped pendant necklacePendants

Pendants are what hangs from the chain. There are so many pendants to choose from. Many people like to choose pendants that represent things that are important to them. These can include lockets, crosses, hearts, wildlife, flowers, symbols, a name and so much more. If you want something truly personalized, consider having a pendant custom made. This allows you to add your favorite stone or stones, customize the size, weight and design, pick the type of metal and make it truly unique.

A pendant is not necessary to make a necklace complete, but consider the style and preferences of the person you’re buying for. If you want a pendant and chain combo, make sure to ask your jeweler if they have any combinations for sale. Sometimes you will see a chain and pendant displayed together, but they are sold separately, which may put the complete necklace out of your budget.


There are plenty of metals to choose from. Silver and yellow gold are two of the most popular metals used in necklaces. There is also white and rose gold, platinum and plated metal. Remember, the higher the karat of the metal, the purer it is. Platinum is a very hard metal and it can stand up to everyday wearing and activity well. Gold is another durable metal that can take on everyday wear. Be advised that 24 karat gold is a little softer than 18 karat gold. And because rose gold is made with copper, it is a bit softer as well.

You can choose your metal according to color preference, quality preference or by outfit. If you have a certain occasion or outfit that you are trying to pair a necklace with, you can choose your metal based on the outfit.


Pearls, diamonds, rubies, jade and other gemstones are common additions to necklaces and pendants. Of course, these are not mandatory, but if you’re looking for something more sparkly or upscale, a necklace that includes stones is a great pick. More ornate necklaces and those with lots of stones go well with more formal outfits. Generally, necklaces that incorporate stones are not everyday jewelry. You can choose a necklace that is made of metal and stone or just metal and include stones in the pendant.

Necklaces make a wonderful addition to any jewelry chest and neck. Not only does it highlight necklines and frame faces, they are beautiful gifts that can last generations. You can match your neckpiece to your existing jewelry, outfits, a specific occasion or your personality. Whatever style you choose, the perfect necklace is the one that suits your fancy.

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