The Real Housewives vs. The Real Politicians: Reclaim the Remote

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Vanessa McCafferty
Vanessa McCafferty

You know this scene all too well. Our children are in bed, dinner is cooked, toys are put away and the dog is fed. We make some tea and sit down with our feet up. For the first time today we take a deep breath and turn on the television. On the news is yet another political debate. Haven’t there already been 47 you think? We change the channel to our “besties”: Camille, Kyle, Lisa, Taylor, Kim and Adrienne. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, that is.

Just then our shoulders melt into the sofa and the peace of surviving another day washes over us. This is exactly the type of distraction we need after a long day and an even longer night.  Just as the recap from last week’s episode wraps up, our lovely husbands appear from work. “Doh” we grumble. We love that man until death do us part but know what’s coming.

With a plate of food in one hand, we spot their free hands creep across our lap for the remote.  “Don’t you even think of changing the channel!” we bark. They predictably reply “how can a smart woman like you watch this garbage? Let’s watch something important like the news.”

Our husbands and psychologists agree “these shows” devalue women, promote materialism and warn that escapism TV doesn’t allow you to live in reality and face the consequences of life.

Dear delightful husbands and psychologists, I’m pretty certain we face the consequences of reality 14-20 hours a day.  These research studies are a clear example of collusion by remote-hoarding husbands.  I recommend they take a closer look at the world of politics to realize there is very little difference between the cast of characters in their world and the Real Housewives.  Both have their histories of infidelity, bickering, sex scandals, meltdowns, temper tantrums, blunders and jealousy.

The few differences between the Republican Primary Candidates and the Real Housewives are that the Housewives look better in heels and the politicians are vying for a position to run our country. In fact Casino mogul Adrienne Maloof and Restaurateur Lisa Vanderpump may have more business experience and personal appeal than some of the political candidates.

This is not to single out the Republicans. Like many women, I lean right when it comes to fiscal issues and left for most social matters. I’m just making the point that the chaos of an hour of reality television is a welcomed distraction for busy mothers while the scandal-ridden political scene or tragic stories in the news only create more anxiety.

Here’s an idea to integrate the best of both the political and reality TV worlds for combined husband and wife viewing pleasure. Let’s allow the politicians a chance to sit down with Andy Cohen on a reunion-style episode to air out all their dirty laundry, personal differences and flip some tables so we can get back to the important issues that will restore the health of our country.

The score of this debate? It’s a landslide victory; Women: 1, Husbands and Psychologists: 0.

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Vanessa McCafferty lives in Manhattan Beach, California with her husband Colin, her son Nolan (17 months), and her mini Goldendoodle, Birdie (2).

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