The Secret Options: Buying Gifts For Our Partners When We’ve Been With Them For So Long

Buying Gifts For Our Partners When We’ve Been With Them For So Long

As we spend a long time working at improving our marriage in the littlest of ways, we can feel that something like gift giving is a clear signifier of how you’re feeling towards your significant other. If we receive a gift that’s completely thoughtless, or selfish, we can harbor some resentment. But when we consider the idea of buying gifts for our significant others, then surely, we’ve got to put some thought into the whole process, don’t we? We’ve been with them for so long it can be difficult to show that we care in the right way. So why don’t we try and look at gifts we can give our partner that show affection but can be taken the wrong way.


Buying clothes for someone is a very simple way to tell them that they have no style! So be careful when buying them clothes, because if you buy the wrong things, especially the wrong size, you are waving a big red flag in them that is saying “I have no clue!” On the other hand, you can give a certain item of clothing that leans towards a certain style they’ve been thinking would suit them but they haven’t been able to afford. Clothing outlets like John Henric US provide stylish striped socks, cuff-links, and lapel pins that are stylish, but are accessories, rather than a complete change in wardrobe.

Quality Time

We can be very busy looking after our kids, making sure that they have everything, which means that on occasion our relationship with our significant other can fall by the wayside. When we’ve been with our partners for so long, the gift of quality time isn’t just an opportunity to get away from the children for a day, but by booking something you can do together, even if it’s as simple as a spa day, it gives us that opportunity to decompress together, to do some activities by ourselves, and have a meal at the end of it. You may find that it’s been some time since you’ve actually had a proper conversation with them, so this is the perfect opportunity.

Something Educational

A gift is something that we should have fun with, so be careful when buying something that is primarily educational, because they can easily take this the wrong way. But when you think about something like a musical instrument, something that we would all like to do, but don’t have the time to do it, if you buy something that’s your significant other has wanted for so long, they will actively make the time and effort to enjoy it. While we might not be in the budget for a piano, something like a guitar, or even a ukulele is a simple gift that can last for years.

When we’re buying gifts for partners, we have to show that we have put a lot of thought into it, but when we’ve been with them so long, we can very easily rest on our laurels and buy something practical, from toiletries to some sort of book voucher. So instead, consider the secret options.

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