The Ultimate Guide to Team-Building Activities Your Team Won’t Hate

The Ultimate Guide to Team Building Activities Your Team Won't Hate

If by now your team starts smiling nervously and rolling their eyes at yet another team-building weekend event you’ve put together – you’re not alone. Companies all over the world have been using the idea of team-building to bring their employees together outside of work hours, help them get to know each other, and make their ties stronger. However, with all due respect to every manager that will recognize themselves in this statement, these events are too often devoid of any creativity.

It’s time to create a little revolution in the realm of team-building and start truly practicing what you preach, and that is thinking outside the box!

Bring on the big guns

A favorite among younger companies as well as some of the more veteran ones, paintball still remains a perfect balance of competition, childlike fun, playful teasing, and an incredible way to vent. Where else do you get to shoot your boss and get away with it? It can last for as long as you can book the designated place; it can be done indoors or outdoors depending on your preference and the weather, and this game creates numerous moments of pure joy.

Wrap it up with a pizza or any other office favorite, and your teammates will look forward to the next paintball tournament – yes, that tends to become a thing once you have your employees hooked.

Let them vote

Maybe one team is up for a chill evening at the local pub, while another group is eager to check out a museum in the city. Then again, moods can change, so you can also create a mix and match for various company employees and let them create their own perfect team-building day! It can be a spa getaway, an afternoon at a stand-up show, or a road trip to the zoo.

Whatever they wish, you can talk to them, brainstorm, let them choose their top picks, and then you can come up with the best solution together. That way, you might end up having an entire month-worth of activities to use later.

All that GlamourAll that glamour

Thanks to so many technological advancements, we can now easily recreate an exciting scenario in which your employees take part in corporate game shows with all the accompanying glitz! They can enjoy the music, the competitive atmosphere, the setting with buzzers, lights, podiums, the works. It’s an immersive experience that lets you completely forget about the stress of your everyday life and have tons of fun with your colleagues.

Your teams will get a chance to sharpen their problem-solving skills, but without the pressure of those office meetings. Plus, you can design a themed show based on the interests your employees share, and you’ll quickly see their excitement soar. Make it your special Christmas party, or a milestone celebration, and don’t forget to bring a professional photographer to commemorate the event!

Making a difference

In addition to the traditional and not-so-typical solutions to the humdrum team-building games, your employees will surely love to take part in a cause. Doing good as a team and helping your community grow one kind deed at a time has the power to bring your employees closer than ever. It can be something holiday-related, such as creating gift packs for kids in need, or you can take your pick from a variety of year-round charities.

You can help clean the environment, work with the homeless, spend a day reading to the elderly or kids in hospitals, or you can throw a charity event to collect funds for a particular cause. Either way, you’ll spend some time together and enjoy the values you share while helping those in need.

The Great OutdoorsThe great outdoors

Wherever you are and no matter how large or small your company may be, there are so many versatile, rewarding activities you can organize in nature for your team to bond. The fresh air and getting away from the city noise will benefit your health and overall wellbeing, while a bit of physical activity is a great way to bring a level of challenge to your team-building session.

Some of the more adventurous among you will adore the idea of whitewater rafting outings, together with barbecuing afterwards. Others might go for a more relaxed activity such as hiking, but don’t underestimate a lengthy walk over rugged terrain! Canyoning, rock climbing, and outdoor yoga seminars all make for exquisite team-building outings that promise to help your employees bond.

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