These Apps Can Help You Keep Your Kids Safe

These Apps Can Help You Keep Your Kids Safe

Any dedicated parent wants to do everything possible to keep your kids safe and secure in everything that they do. I know lots of parents who are willing to try anything they can, even if that means trying some newer, more modern methods. One really modern way to try to keep your kids safe is to use a few different apps. From tracking apps to ones that allow them to browse the internet without seeing anything inappropriate, you will find lots of apps that will come in useful. Why not try some of the following out for size?!

Phone Trackers

Tracking apps have been popular with parents for a few years already, but if you haven’t got one yet it’s worth trying to see if it works for you and your kids. There are a few different ones out there, including the Family Orbit app, and they each come with their own set of features and tools. Most of them will give you the chance to track your child’s location as well as give you a log of their call and messaging history.

Antivirus Apps

If your child has their very own mobile phone or tablet device, you should protect it from viruses and hackers. Children are more likely to accidentally click on suspicious links and files, so it’s worth getting as much protection for their device as possible. Not many people think to add antivirus software to their portable devices, but there are a few apps that can provide you with antivirus protection. Make sure you get one for all of your child’s devices!

Safety For Kids

It’s always a good idea to try to teach your children how to be safe when browsing the web and even in day-to-day life. However, trying to teach them this is not always the most fun activity for them. But that’s where the app Safety For Kids comes in – it’s a game that makes learning important life lessons a lot more enjoyable. It gives your kids various situations to work through, such as what to do when a stranger answers the door, but the bright colors and cartoons make working through them seem a lot more fun!

Child-Friendly Browsers

Choosing the best browser for your child’s devices can be a tricky business. You will no doubt end up spending a lot of time weighing up all of the pros and cons of each one. Well, that choice might have just become a lot easier for you now that there are lots of child-friendly browser apps available. These already come pre-programmed with various parental controls and child-safety features so that you don’t have to set the browser up before your kids get started.

YouTube Kids

It can be ever so easy for kids to end up watching inappropriate videos on YouTube. That doesn’t mean you have to ban this website, though – you just need to install the YouTube Kids app!

So, which of these apps will you try with your kids?

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