Thoughts on Short Haircuts for Women

The proper haircut for a woman is important due to the fact that certain facial features can affect a hairstyle in a positive or negative manner. There are plenty of different types of short haircuts for women. You can learn about other hairstyle lengths and trends at Short haircuts for women work well on ladies that are not incredibly tall, have a great looking neck and shoulders or possess fine hair. A woman that fits these characteristics can choose from a variety of great looking short haircuts for women.

The Bob – This style continues to stand the test of time. A bob haircut makes a statement that the woman is independent and portrays an incredibly sexy look. Women with round faces may want to consider a long bob to portray a sexier look than what a regular sized bob may create.

The Edgy Cut – A woman that has the confidence to wear her hair incredibly short makes an even stronger statement of independence than the bob haircut. Short haircuts for women symbolize strength and this style is a perfect example.

The Pixie Cut – Some people may view this hairdo as being a bit too boyish. The fact is the pixie cut is becoming more popular and looks incredibly sexy on a woman with the proper matching facial characteristics.

Different women can wear different short haircuts for women depending on the physical characteristics. No woman wants to cut her hair short and then realize after the fact that the haircut was a mistake. Ladies need to consider these physical characteristics when choosing from the different types of short haircuts for women:

Large forehead – Short haircuts for women work well on ladies with high foreheads. It is recommended that these women get the hair cut with blunt or side-swept bangs.

Round face – Have the hair cut an inch or two below the jawbone to promote a sexier look.

Square jaw – Cutting the hair at the chin will help soften the jaw if a woman possesses a square jaw.

The process of maintaining short haircuts for women changes with each type of hair. Using a blow-dryer or a flat iron may be necessary for women possessing wavy hair. Straight hair makes things easy. Ladies may want to use volumizers on occasion to prevent the hair from falling flat. Unfortunately women with curly hair have a difficult time effectively maintaining a short haircut. There is a constant danger with frizzing of the hair when curly hair is cut short.

Short haircuts for women can look great when the correct style is selected. Ladies need to understand this type of haircut is a big investment in many respects. Short haircuts for women require the hair being trimmed often, approximately every six weeks. However, that type of investment is well worth it for many ladies that love the look of short haircuts for women!

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