Time For a Check-Up?

Time For a Check-Up

People have mixed views about medical check-ups. While some people enjoy the sense of certainty that comes from being tested so they can rest safe in the knowledge that they are fit and well, others put it off, in fear the test might reveal something they would prefer not face.

Unfortunately, we aren’t immortal and our bodies do go through a process of degeneration, meaning, it’s important to keep our health in check to ensure a good quality of life; we’re not going to live forever, but we all want to live a healthy and full life.  

This is where medical check-ups can be really helpful.  We all know that catching things early leads to a much better prognosis in terms of major illnesses such as cancer and heart disease, yet some people, as stated above prefer to live in a state of denial or avoidance due to the fear associated with finding out you have something wrong with you.

In that vein, here’s some routine tests that are good to keep on top of, with regard to your health.


Today, the rate at which people are getting diabetes is being close to an epidemic; due in the most part to inactive lifestyles, processed food, and high sugar drinks or foodstuff.  Type II diabetes is something that many children are even being diagnosed with, yet it’s something that is entirely preventable and somewhat reversible based on making lifestyle changes, particularly with regard to nutrition.

Being tested for diabetes can be as simple as a little prick on the finger; in fact, you can even do this at home with a self-testing diabetes kit.  It’s good to know, as it can serve to be a wake up call that jolts you into taking better care of your diet and fitness.

Quick And Simple Tips That Improve EyesightEYE EXAM

Given given the increased pressure put on our eyes from the intensive use of computers, televisions, and mobile devices we are finding more and more people require glasses to correct their sight.  It’s important to get your eyes tested regularly, as this is one of your most important senses and the only way you can know for sure if there are any issues is to see an optician; who will not only assess your vision, but the health at the back of your eye as well.


Hearings tests are one of the least invasive tests you can have, as they aren’t uncomfortable or unpleasant in the slightest.  Yet, it’s something people tend to associate with elderly people, yet young people can have issues with their hearing that go undetected for decades – because it’s not a standard test, unlike an eye test, that most people do on a regular basis.

Recognize These 5 Symptoms of Hearing LossIt’s a good idea to learn more about how audiologists can help you, before dismissing this test as something only for old people, as when you think about it, the ability to communicate is so important that it’s worth getting your hearing tested if you often feel like you’re missing things people are saying.


High or low blood pressure can lead to serious problems such as hypertension or fainting; so it’s a good idea to regularly check your blood pressure – particularly if you’re taking medications that are known to affect your heart such as beta blockers, for stress and anxiety, or the even popular “Ritalin” for those with ADHD.

This is something you can even do yourself, as a blood pressure monitor isn’t very expensive and they are readily available.


Given the processed diets of convenience food and takeaways we often find ourselves living on, in the modern age, a lot of people are suffering with high levels of cholesterol which means, in time, their arteries will clog up and become furry to the point it will be hard for the blood to get to where it needs to be; this increased strain put on the heart can cause a variety of issues, most notably, a heart attack.

Cholesterol is a major cause of heart disease, and it’s important to assess your level of cholesterol, even if using a self-testing kit.  Prevention is better than cure, yet it sometimes requires an awareness of where things are at, inside you, to create change.


According to the statistics, as many as 1 in 2 people will develop cancer at some point in their lives; which is up from a few years ago where it was 1 in 3.  In part, this is because we are living longer, but another aspect is that we are exposed to much more oxidation than we once were – with issues such as radiation, chemicals from our food, and so on, all having an impact.

The top tip, here, is to get checked out as soon as you feel there might be an issue – for the prognosis is so much better when diagnosis has been made early.

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