Tumeric Protein: Pros and Cons

Tumeric Protein: Pros and Cons

Before the advent of scientific medicine treatments, it is said that people in China and India have been using a magical thing to cure any disease for thousands of years. They had such a strong belief in this thing that this thing will give them a cure from any health issue. This thing is none other than turmeric.

Yup, turmeric, which nowadays famous for being added in the curry to give color, ancient people from China, and India have been using this herb for not just adding it in food but using it for getting health benefits. Turmeric’s underground stem (rhizomes) comes from the Curcuma longa plant. It is easily available in China, India, and now it can be found in the west as well.

You would think that if turmeric is so good, then you should buy it. But wait. Why rush? Let us see some pros and cons of turmeric before making any decision and analyze ourselves that is turmeric so healthy, or it is just marketed by many companies who manufacture products from turmeric like powders, proteins, etc. or what our ancestors has told us is real or not. So let us jump right into the pros and cons.

Cons of Tumeric Protein

Let us start by looking at some side effects or cons of turmeric protein. The reason behind is that as turmeric is highly recognized as a medicine by our elders, let us see the negatives of it first:

  1. High dosage can cause serious issues: Everything used overly can cause some serious health issues. Turmeric has a substance called Curcumin. It is said that it is the main substance found in turmeric, which cures diseases. But if you overly use turmeric protein, Curcumin can react with your body, and the result may be vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea. Although turmeric is the cure for Stomach ulcers, overuse can create ulcers in your stomach. Hence if you are opting for turmeric protein or turmeric, do use it under a limit because a thing which can cure you can also harm you. So one must consider this before deciding to buy turmeric protein.
  2. Some diseases get accelerated by turmeric: Although turmeric is an herb that cures many diseases in some cases, it can accelerate an illness. Diseases like gallstones or a bile duct are highly recommended to stay away from turmeric in any form, either protein or powder. Also, people with kidney diseases and the bleeding problem should not go near turmeric at all; otherwise, turmeric can create serious health issues for the patient.
  3. Turmeric needs a catalyst: Although turmeric is a magical herb, it or to be precise, Curcumin will not affect disease without a substance called Peperone, which found in black paper. Piperine acts as a catalyst that enhances the impact of Curcumin.
  4. It takes a long time: The biggest hurdle which causes turmeric to be at the front door for a health issue is the time which it requires to cure a disease. Generally, it takes weeks or, in some cases, months to get sure from turmeric.

So these were the cons of turmeric. Little terrified? Wait. Let us see some Pros of turmeric protein. How is it beneficial for our bodies?

Pros of Tumeric Protein

As for now, we have seen some cons of turmeric. But now it is time to see if turmeric has something which can overcome the cons and make it healthy for our bodies to consume. So let us see the following pros:

  1. Cure of inflammation: Inflammation is a reaction of a human body when it has an injury or some infection. In inflammation, a human body becomes hot, swollen, and often painful. However, turmeric helps to prevent inflammation. It consists of anti-inflammatory properties that help the human body to relax and alleviate pain and reduce the risk of chronic inflammation.
  2. Help in arthritis: Turmeric helps people in arthritis. It is a disease in which the joints of a person start swelling, and a person feels a lot of pain. Hence turmeric anti-inflammatory properties help those people to relax, and it helps manage rheumatoid arthritis.
  3. Abnormalities of the brain: The brain of a human is the most important part. Although every part is very important, with the brain, a person is acceptable in our society. Turmeric help boosts the level of an important hormone called BDNF or Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor. It is a hormone that impacts on your brain function.
  4. Anti-depressant: Since it impacts the most important hormone of a brain, it also acts on brain-related issues like depression. It helps in releasing the stress level on the brain and keep the brain working.
  5. Prevent Ulcer: Turmeric is best for preventing stomach related disease, and the most common disease is the ulcer. Studies have shown this repeatedly that people who use turmeric or turmeric protein has decreased the chances of experiencing ulcer pain.
  6. Cure of Cancer: Turmeric is recognized as a protector from cancer. The substance in turmeric Curcumin can prevent several types of cancers, which include breast cancer, skin cancer, prostate cancer, and many more. It prevents normal cell conversion to tumor cells. It also prevents the formation of protein synthesis, which is the essential cause of the formation of cancer.

So these are some of the pros of turmeric protein. And I think it has outclassed the cons which we discussed above.

The Bottom Line

Turmeric is a natural herb grown in vast quantities in India, China, and now in the west too. Anciently it has been used as a medicine and cure of several diseases. The pros which we have discussed like it prevent cancer, prevent ulcer, brain abnormality, arthritis, inflammation, and anti-depressant. These benefits are so huge that they can outperform the cons of turmeric.

Come on; nothing is without con in this world. Turmeric, without a doubt, has many pros and very powerful ones, but this does not mitigate the cons of turmeric. The cons include overdosage can cause stomach aches and other health issues. Also, some of the patients cannot use turmeric because if they use them, they will accelerate the disease instead of curing it. Also, turmeric cures and prevent ulcer, but overuse of turmeric can trigger ulcer too. And yes, turmeric needs time to cure a disease since it is a natural herb.

In the end, if we closely observe, we can see that the cons of turmeric are not so deadly rather normal. Anything will harm you if you overdosage it. So I believe that this is not an issue. It will cure gradually because it is naturally occurring, so this is not a big con. So if we use turmeric protein in an acceptable amount, it has many health benefits, which can lead to a healthy illness-free life.

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