Beyond Memory Books: How to Preserve Your Child’s Memories

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Creating a scrapbook or memory book is a common way for parents to celebrate and preserve a child’s memories and milestones. However, due to demanding work schedules and the stress of running a household, few parents today have the time and energy to commit to creating and maintaining summer scrapbooka scrapbook. Not only must you gather all the scrapbooking materials, but you must also be very organized with your memorabilia and then take the time to thoughtfully arrange it. 

If you’re one of those parents who simply can’t be bothered to make a scrapbook, but you’d still like to create a special keepsake for your child, then you have alternatives. Some of our favorites include a keepsake journal made from something meaningful, a cherished childhood keepsake kit, and a personalized pearl necklace gift. 

Remind and Inspire

Founded by entrepreneur Michelle Turner, Remind and Inspire makes custom journals with special covers. If you have a piece of clothing or other fabric-based item that holds meaning, but your child is no longer using it, then you can upcycle it. Remind and Inspire will transform your old baby blanket, team sports t-shirt, special occasion outfit, or other item into a cover for a keepsake journal. When your child is old enough to use the journal, he or she will feel inspired by its meaning. Until then, if you enjoy writing, you can journal for your child on his or her behalf. Journaling is a lot more portable and less time-consuming than scrapbooking, but it’s no less meaningful.

The Cherished Childhood Keepsake Kit

If you’re the type of parent who gets emotionally attached to your child’s keepsakes, but you’re not a natural-born organizer, then you’ll appreciate The Cherished Childhood Keepsake Kit, which provides the tools to intentionally store items like the beloved baby blanket, first outfit, first soccer jersey, and more. If you’re currently keeping these items in a random bin or have them scattered throughout your home, then you can consolidate and store them more thoughtfully. The kit comes with an album, organza bags, a small golden pouch, paper, bookplate labels, glue, and a pen. Using these tools, you can categorize, label, and archive all your items. You can keep it simple or get a little more creative, depending on your time and energy levels, but it’s definitely not as involved as putting together a scrapbook.

Add-A-Pearl Customized Pearl Necklace

With a customized necklace from Add-A-Pearl, you can make every occasion memorable for your daughter. First, choose your necklace, typically with one, three, or more pearls on a 14K gold or sterling silver chain. Next, you can personalize your necklace with an engraved charm and enhance it with an elegant clasp. Your necklace will arrive in our signature Add-A-Pearl necklace box, including an attractive booklet with more information. Then, every time your daughter has a special occasion or milestone, you can give her a new pearl, which Add-A-Pearl will add to her existing necklace. With each pearl, you say “I love you”, and whenever she looks at her necklace, she’ll remember all the amazing moments.

What are some of your favorite ways to preserve your child’s memories? We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

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