Want To Be Snooze-Happy? 5 Changes To Make To Ensure You Have A Good Night’s Rest!

Want To Be Snooze-Happy 5 Changes To Make To Ensure You Have A Good Night's Rest!

You might be surprised to know we are a nation of bad sleepers. Despite experts recommending we get at least eight hours a day, many of us end up with less than six hours a night. In fact, nearly a third of the UK are currently suffering from insomnia. There are many reasons why people are not getting enough sleep at night. And a lot of them are not health reasons. It’s often down to things we are dealing with and doing in our day that causes us to be wide awake at night. Therefore, here are five changes to make to ensure you have a good night’s rest tonight!

Say goodbye to naps in the day

It’s so easy to get comfortable on the sofa after work and have a lovely nap. However, if you sleep during the day, you are going to struggle to get the right amount of sleep later. It means you will end up staring at the ceiling or clock watching for hours on end. Therefore, to enable you to have a good night’s rest, it’s so important you avoid naps in the day. If you are feeling tired, get up and move around with the kids. You will be surprised how much some simple exercise can do to wake you up!

Swap out that old mattress

A lot of people don’t realize that mattresses only last for around eight years before they need to be replaced. Therefore, millions of people around the UK are sleeping on an old mattress which is stopping them from getting a good night’s rest! Therefore, if you do have an old mattress, it’s time to head to the store for a new one. You will be surprised how much your sleep will improve if your body is comfortable at night. There are so many different types of mattresses available that night be right for your bed. For example, a memory foam mattress offers firm support and retains heat. You can find out more about this mattress, and other types, by researching online before making a purchase.

Turn your phone off

We are always using our phones while we are in bed. We think ‘I will just check that message’ while we are laying in bed. But it’s stopping us from having a good night’s rest. As we discussed previously, having an electronic device in your bedroom gives your mind stimulation. It makes it harder for us to switch off. Therefore, turn it off at night time to ensure you have a great night of sleep. Or if you want to keep it on for its alarm function, put it on silent or vibrate instead.

Eat earlier in the evening

You need to make a change to your eating habits if you want to be snoozy-happy when it comes to bedtime. After all, our body struggles to digest food if we eat at 9 or 10 pm at night. It means it tends to cause indigestion and stomach cramps which will keep us up all night. Therefore, swap your dinner time to 5 or 6 pm which will allow you to get to sleep easier.

Remember to make sure you are sleeping in the right posture. Otherwise, you are going to be turning and tossing in the night!

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