What If Chores Could Be Fun?

What If Chores Could Be Fun

Nothing makes a kid panic more than being asked to do their chores. Nothing. It’s that dreaded request that’s so awful it even manages to makes homework seems like a favorite pastime (that’s what that look on your kid’s face is; it’s them hoping they have a test to revise for, rattling their brain as fast as they can so that they can wriggle out of yet more cleaning).

But what if it was possible to make chores fun? And we’re not just talking about mum-and-dad fun where you talk in a high-voice and force out a smile to try and convince your young one’s chores are awesome. We’re talking about actual fun, the kind that your kids will look forward to when the school bell rings. Yup, it’s possible.

If, however, you’re still feeling a bit skeptical, we’ve pulled together a list of top tips to show you just how it’s possible:

  1. Hand over Control

Nothing is worse than being told to do something, especially if it’s something you hate. So why not let them have the choice. Sure, you may prefer bed making to doing the laundry, but they may not. As such, you should write down a list of household chores up for grabs and let them pick which ones they want to do. Trust us, they’ll be a million times happier.

  1. Make Them Feel Good

Chores are, by their very definition, monotonous, boring and frustrating. So imagine how much more frustrating it will be for your kids if they don’t know what they are doing? That’s why you should teach them. Ask them if they want to know why you use natural laundry detergent, in which there is more here on the matter. Ask them if they would like to learn how to do hospital corners, or how to cook a certain dish. Kids thrive off responsibility and they motivated by success.

  1. Music Is A Must-Have

Nothing is going to raise their spirits more than a cleaning soundtrack. You can just imagine it now, everyone doing their part to keep your home nice and tidy as Pharrell’s Happy blares from your Amazon Echo, everyone singing along and dancing. Like we said, chores are boring, but they don’t have to be. Yes, it may be quicker to have everyone take on their own bedrooms, alone. But it will be way less chore-like if it becomes a family event full of teamwork and laughter.

  1. Play Games, Sing Songs

The idea of creating chore games may seem more transparent than glass and something that your kids will never fall for. But that is not what we’re trying to do. It is about engaging them. That could be done with a timer to see how fast they can fold and stack towels, or it could be that you hide little treats around the place so that tidying becomes a game of hide and seek. The other thing you can do is have your kids make up chore songs. Literally. Have them come up with songs about the work they are doing and reward the best one.

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