Why Russian Women are so Unique

Women from each separate country of the world have characteristics that distinguish them from women of another country. Russian women possess a very unique aura about them, a mystique that separates them from women of other nationalities. What is it about Russian women that makes them so special and to many so beautiful?

The simple fact is Russian women tend to be quite striking and absolutely gorgeous. Russian women’s faces generally have some if not all of these characteristics: blue, green or grey eyes; fair skin; hair that is generally dark blonde or brown; high cheek bones; round face and soft features. These characteristics are a result of a wide mixture of people from the East and West that have lived in Russia over the years. This country is a true melting pot and the physical characteristics of Russian women tell that story. Many Russian women also tend to possess a sand-clock figure, a result of a higher level of estrogen in the system than most Western women.

There is much more to Russian women than simple physical beauty. Russian women tend to possess a strong will and have the tenacity to cope well with difficult situations. They tend to be fiercely loyal to their mates and show a tenacious desire to help the people they love. Russian women make up a large percentage of officers in the military and positions of power in business due to the strength they possess.

However, just because Russian women are strong does not mean they do not possess a sensitive side. Quite the contrary, Russian women tend to be extremely supportive and motherly. They place a lot of value on nurturing relationships and a high quality of life.

The intellect of Russian women has always been at a high level. A beautiful woman that is intelligent as well is incredibly attractive. Nearly all Russian women complete high school and a large percentage go on to attend college. The literary levels in Russia are very high and Russian women make up more than 50% of the country’s work force.

The combination of all these characteristics creates the inner and outer beauty of Russian women. Women from this country truly are unique and special!

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